Alex Basics in Biology and Zoology – Baldi’s Basics Fangame

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Warning this game contains loud noises & jumpscares!!!

Alex Basics in Biology and Zoology – Baldi’s Basics Fangame

Welcome, welcome to Alex’s school of biology and zoology! Here you can discover the most beautiful creatures and plants! Their lives, habitats, also history of discoveries, famous persons!

Credit To Mystman12 For The Original Baldis Basics
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Paulor 94 says:

Wow you finally played it. Nice gameplay man. Also I made a wiki page about this game as well but it still not finished yet though. You can go check it out here:

A P says:


Tanner Hutchings says:

He looks creepy as hell

Max Gamer says:

Can you play Yukon Basic please

Jaden Harris says:

There Better Be Mods!

Gamer Kid says:

Try to beat that game (again).

Orion Cozz says:


Gamer Kid says:

Alex is not a teacher he is a……. murderer teacher flesh eater!

Chance Amirian says:

Can you do the ending?

Siiri Kennovaara says:


【Mr. Ness】 says:

It reminds me from viktor strobovski

Not JackMar YT says:

Wow it seems that all things in the game are at the same time remembering in my mind that it is Viktor Strobovski, ya just look at the textures the voices, The map. it's really look like something about Viktor Strobovski.

Kyle Ryan Anderson. says:

The woods… the jumpscare … The Diferent map, it just make me rmember from VIktor Strobovski, every almost things on this game it looks like similiar from VIktor Strobovski.

Lunarboy974 Random cringy Imposter says:

this game remember me from Viktor Strobovski.

【Mr. Ness】 says:

A game that is 2th from diferent map

Mr Aaron animations says:

Jumpscare 6:12

Jennie Owens says:

Baldis brother anyone?

Superkirby says:

I wonder if it's moddable?

clutter boy says:

this gives me viktor srobovski vibes nice i will try learning how to mod unreal games

Noob Boy says:

I thought this was a mod at first but when I saw fangame I went OH!

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