UFO? Chilean Navy releases video of mysterious flying object

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Chilean Navy declassifies and releases 2014 video of mysterious flying object


Blind Benny says:

Nice to see everything going as planed .

aditya mail says:

I have seen the same in russia in the sky of saint Petersburg

David Walker says:

They ask was it a ufo? the answer is yes it was an unidentified flying object.

NPC #79120041 says:

Fox News is truthful. I like US media. I like that Rupert sits with other powerful people on oil company board. I trust Fox.

Chad Reno says:

Why dont they ever just fly straight over to the ufo it's right there ? wtfffff

Simon Calitri says:

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, a local barber in my area just got arrested for selling drugs. Blew my mind. I've been his customer for years. I had no idea he was a barber.

Mario says:

the ufo farted a portal and then dissapeared

Luciano Arebalo says:

Why didn’t the helicopter try to get closer? Also,The helicopter should have gone over to the thing the ufo emitted

Leo Frontera says:

White Castle farts!

Wildman2012 says:

Why not just cover the entire image with your text? !!!!

David Samuels says:

Nothing to see here but swamp has folks. M

Cole Fawcett says:

government poisoning people, nothing new here guys

Eli Maldonado says:

Please have them abduct Trump!!!

Laurento says:

2014 and they can’t even get a good quality camera smh

Infinite-J says:

Looks like balloons tied together and one of them leaked gas and balloons start losing altitude… also below them are strings best seen in beginning of video.. case closed.
I know UFOs exist i've seen and photograph them myself but this would be the first ufo i've seen shaped like 2 spheres joined together, which is illogical.

ImJustDead says:

'Was it a UFO?'

Where to begin… sigh!

Simon Everett says:

What language is he speaking? :/

wemcal says:

This would be a great if the text didn’t cover the whole screen and all the talking

Dusty Rhodes says:

What is it? Is it a UFO? Hmmmm, can't identify it. DUH!

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