Secretive program tracked UFOs for 5 years

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The now-defunct secretive federal program designed to track unidentified flying objects is facing new scrutiny while some officials deem it a national security priority. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.


M says:

I give this a thumbs down cause it’s from CNN….the leftist scum bag fake news ideologists.

shawm3n says:

I wish you wouldn't be so left wing. If this is actually real why wouldn't it be a national security risk worth 20 million dollars. There was a half billion spent on Hillary Clinton's campaign. So um.

Francis Maxino says:

WTF ? Trying to identify unidentified aircraft without the usual transponders and identification not a priority ?! Since 9/11 one would think that security spending in the US should be ALL ABOUT identifying unidentified flying objects.

Benjamin Krick says:

the truth is here!

NPC #79120041 says:

CNN is truthful. US media is truthful.

Dan K says:

Out of view? Uhh yes that's why they call it secret. Aka none of your business.

Lily And Stella says:

is this rell im thinking ther,s sotch things as aleans

Mike Sanchez says:

Every1 tryna forget they got way more proof smh

Fernando Sanchez says:

Did this dumb shit just say keep it out of public view? It’s on YouTube and it’s on CNN! Ya stoopit

Fernando Sanchez says:

Imagine getting drunk with aliens hahaha the shit they would show probably take a joyride in their air craft badass

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