Making Your First Python Script – Currency Converter

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This video goes over how to create a very simple currency converter script using Python 2.7.2. The software I am using to create the script is called Eclipse.

How to get Eclipse to work with python –


Yaroslav Miklin says:

вы портите глаза и себе и людям смотрящим ваше видео таким цветом текста.

Hellraiser Judgment says:

many things has changed…change ur title add "python 2"

Caique Treze says:

Thanks for the tutorial, very helpful, i am new to python and learning it by myself, did understand everything 😀

VXDroid98 says:

thank you so much for this tutorial, every other tutorial was too difficult to understand. you explained it very simply.

Lord Sauron says:

I do programming errday,

Vishalchandra Vishal says:

this is great. can u had share a link for code .

Katrina Garcia says:

What interpreter is this?

Vailannika Travasso says:

is it fun to write programming

you r writing like story

Extra Slice says:

I tried this on notepad++ and my file wouldn't open

Dicky Allen says:

One other question… Suppose I had a very wordy statement that required a ton of text before getting a user's input. Seeing as staying on the same line of code would be annoying (to me at least), how would I do the n and skip lines in my code?

Dicky Allen says:

Hello Duylinh!! This was BY FAR my favorite tutorial coming from a beginner perspective. Are there any other resources online that teach coding by building programs in a clear way like you have outlined here? I'm looking to go from beginner to advanced. I feel that if I was taught like this, everything would make more sense and I would feel like I'm building something practical along the way.

Also, if I wanted to make this program search the web for the current conversion, what types of code would I be getting into? Where would I explore something like that in python?

Thank you again! This video was awesome!

Alexandur Pequeno says:

So I'm trying to add in an 'if' statement for when you're prompted to "input an amount you wish to convert" and you input letters instead of a number. I know I have to state that if userUSD/Euro is not and integer, print "Error: You………" statement then restart the program with "currencyConvert()" but I'm having trouble on the proper structure in which to type it out.. Any help as to how it needs to be written and where?

Myungsik Cho says:

thank you very much!

TheMaplecanadian says:

when ever I type raw input it gives me an error

furnace3 says:

Can't even read the screen. 
Who uses grey, almost white text on a white background?

archi boch says:

very, very helpful, thanks a lot!!!
could you please make some more videos about programming in Python with eclipse… would be great!!!

Bryce Darr says:

I went on and could not find eclipse for python

x1MasterChief says:

is there a way to add a manual user updater for the exchange rate

Morphchode says:

Great video! It would be great if you could use bigger font, so we would be able to watch this without fullscreen.

chaosTT60 says:

Can you send me a link to Eclipse?

Denis Rajan says:

its really sounds good and it shows u r very organized. good stuff go ahead…

steeldrumer says:

Hi Dutlinh if you have time I have a question for you. Every time I try to run a program multiple functions using pydev in eclipse it asks me to ant build. If i click ok nothing ever happens. Any ideas?

Daniel Negreanu says:

too long mannnnnnnn

Madhusudhan JR says:

Hi.. You have explained ver nicely.. thanks..
can u pls help me to write python/jython script to get info of installed apppln/software in Mac, linux & windows. pls mail to

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