How to create Stream Overlays without Photoshop or any Software!

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Project Ace says:

I'm going to work on a lot of tutorials and reviews in between stream highlights and community events. Let me know what else you would like to see or assistance with o/

Monika Klaric says:

1v1 me in id8

Hayasaka Yokino says:

Pog I can finally stream

h3oCharles says:

>without Photoshop
>uses Photoshop

I call clickbait

Jonas says:

Thank you ace now i could Make my own overlay

UltrAstral says:

Just the video I needed, thanks Ace!

Nep says:

Was hoping for a stream highlights but loved it either way

GhosTy says:

Saw rem in the thumbnail and instantly clicked and liked

Kuro Kishi says:

yoo ace thank you for the tutorial it really help a lot
and the explanation is really easy to understand
Thank you Ace 😀

blueflaem says:

0 dislikes because the tutorial is so good

Olinek says:

69th like lmao

Bieniek PL says:

That Will Help Me In Future THX Ace .=)

Hongliang YT says:

Overlay part 3. Yess

Fujiwara Mokou says:

finally, its been a year after overlay tutorial ❤️❤️

SilverSlife says:

Emilia > Rem

change my mind.

Lazy Chicken says:

Hey, I'm wondering, is it possible for me to stream on my laptop? Cuz I really wanna stream like you 🙁
4GB Ram
Intel Celeron
Intel HD Graphics

Kurumi-chan says:

I can now be a professional editor ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

TheRandomGoose says:

That was one professional video guy! I liked it, good job. I'd love to see more professional stuff definitely. I really liked that background too. Hope you're having a good day. <3

ItsAimar says:

ace pulling a pewdiepie with harukakanata..

Janekja says:

Finally I can make my overlay look like beasttroll's

Rifky Fachrizain says:

4:35 Sotarks approves

StormrealZ says:

Thank you Senpai!

Shadow_gaming 01 says:

Great video bro!

Maniac says:

Quality content

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