Bariatric Surgery Full Liquid Diet

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Compliance with a full liquid diet post-op bariatric surgery. Reduce surgical complications and decrease readmissions.


Loren Cook says:

I was told only clear liquids for the first 7 days, then liquids in a puree form for week 2. This is so hard

Yumari Baez says:

Is almond milk Ok?

dashardon investments says:

Why add dry milk and skim instead of protein powder and liquid milk?

chester hill says:

Great Presentation, I will have my surgery this weekend and will follow your advice to the letter….  thank-you!

Elizabeth Martir says:

6 days post OP and I am so going to do this soup. I need flavor in my life. Lol

mary kupersmith says:

Thanks for posting this.  It's much easier for me to hold down vs the protein drink alternative.

Ialeen Collins says:

my dietician no milk because of the sugars no peanuts or any nuts which have a pinch of proteen rest of oil use PB2

ThatChickOverThere says:

What about for those that hate milk or don’t touch dairy products?

David Dos Passos says:

wow good to know about the consistency test I had my doubts about that

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