Understanding Chronic Lyme Disease Complex and It’s Treatment

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Envita is a leading cancer, Lyme disease, and chronic disease Unipathic treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our goal is to use the best of real time cancer and Lyme disease diagnostics to determine the best integrative cancer and Lyme disease treatments from around the world to help our patients receive a viable 2nd opinion.

When it comes to chronic Lyme disease and its treatments; antibiotics, biofilm and the multiple infections are only a few pieces of the puzzle. That is why Unipathic Medicine and Envita Medical Center have partnered to create new standards for the integrative effective treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease Complex. Finally, with the advancement of technology and research, patients may now have viable options to better care. To learn more about Chronic Lyme Disease Complex, and personalized treatment options, contact us at Envita.com.


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Alice Alisa says:

Hi ! I am desperate and i need an answer until i reach to a doctor…i made research online but i am more messed up that before! Few weeks ago i had my Borellia WB analyze, it came back negative, but on the analyze paper came out that Flagellin P41 came back positive. They say it is a protein common for spirochete, also Anti-human IgG came back positive as well. What does that means? It s ok for these ones to come back positive? Is it normal to have them in our body or shd i go further with investigations as 100% it is not Borellia but could be something else? I mention is second time at a different laboratory that my lyme test comes back negative! I just need to know if this Flagellin P41 positive means that i really might have a virus a bacteria in my body . PLEASE GUYS HELP ME…Google didn t manage to do it!:((

Theresa Geiger says:

Dr Horwitz says there is really no evidence of it being transferred through sex. Stop

Nansea Tomalty says:

This talk doesnt mention the fact that Borrelia disables the B cell immune system thereby creating non-HIV AIDS/OspA/Post Sepsis Syndrome. Now wouldnt you say thats an important omission?

PragmaticMusing says:

I have lyme in remission, I was able to treat everything except the debilitating malaise/intra-cranial hypertension headaches caused in part by the lyme. Feverfew is an herb that helps depression, headaches, circulation, sleep etc., works well for me.

Bob James says:

That explains a lot I had sex with a tick thanks for the information

McKinley Murphy says:

My mom has chronic lymes disease and it's terrible seeing her and pain and fighting us. We live in Utah so it doesn't usually hit here. The doctors are clueless. It's really hard

Lauren Gower says:

I've taken antibiotics 6 times, 4 times within the past 2 years, and it still keeps coming back

Gammareign says:

This is why it's good not to put out forest fires if you can help it. Wildfires kill all three stages of a ticks life.

Tonal Blasphemy says:

5 bands of Chronic Lyme checking in!

Find- Myself says:

No rash – but flu and joint pain was definitely there. Lyme does not show via test. Lyme hides in crusted cysts so it becomes impossible to treat. Thus the disease becomes a ongoing problem. Eventually leading to a new modern form of longterm disability, since the host is effected mentally & physically.

wkjeom says:

No, we do not have the money for Enita. Those with money may go here. But even those who go to Envita are not assured a cure. It helps i am sure, but not a cure (poet and don't know it). If Envita would give a guarantee and retreat if symptoms came back, that would help. Even then 20 to 30 grand and maybe even more is more than most people can afford. Insurance should cover treatment and that is for sure though. Maybe Envita should have a legal department and at least try to get other Lyme treatment centers to group together to sue the pants off of insurance and drug companies. Sue the pants off of government agencies like the CDC, FDA, and especially the IDSA for making sure Lyme victims do not get treatment. Then we could have Envita's all over the country, as reasonable prices, and paid for by insurance and Envita maybe making their own medications wold help greatly. Envita could teach doctors and even individuals to treat themselves as much as possible at as low a cost as possible. Sue the establishment so this can happen. I would join a group like this to do whatever I could. I'll bet all Lyme victims would help as much as possible. I llike Envita's cartoon videos, but they go to far with personal advertisement so I will not post them where I post other videos.

Debbie Bartelini says:

Oh please just like Jeremy said so many cant afford this lyme disease and we suffer ..How about they cover insurance so we don't suffer no .more ugh evil disease takes out body over

Jeremy Christmas says:

most of us can't work and don't have $$$ for treatment.

Envita Medical Center says:

Are you or somebody you know suffering with Lyme disease? Don't hesitate to call 1-866-830-4576 to find out treatment options tailored to your needs.

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