Joe Rogan – Lyme Disease is Terrifying!!

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1234 w/David Sinclair:


The Bird Bros says:

A serious thing! was bitten by a tick last spring well bird watching…fortunately I found it within 24 hours so the chance of getting Lyme disease is very slim.

Kelly T says:

Drink some water

tmcleanful says:

Don't release any CRISPR modified organism designed to kill off another organism you fools! I'd like to go at least another decade without a fracking zombie apocalypse.

Kevin Snyder says:

I have this weird fetish of putting different fruits in women's orifices, and one time there was a lime in the bedroom that I shoved in her cooter… as I was entering her back door from up top, she had taken it out and actually tried shoving it into my butthole. Two weeks later I found out I had contracted lime disease.

Mark Conforti says:

I've been suffering from chronic lyme for the last decade. I've seen dozens of doctors and undertaken months of antibiotic treatment protocols and still have persistent symptoms that make regular life impossible. The brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, nerve pain, etc.. is 24/7. I'm still fighting for my life and will continue to do my own research and live as healthy as possible. The keto diet is actually great for lyme but hard to keep up. Podcasts like Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss have introduced me to methods for treating lyme that I wouldn't have entertained otherwise. I'm very thankful for people like David Sinclair out there trying to help people fight this awful disease.

Rachel Wheelwright says:

That might help with spreading lyme disease but it won't eradicate it at all….lyme disease is also spread through other vectors like lice, fleas, spiders, and mosquitoes. It is also transmitted sexually and gestationally. My husband got lyme disease from me, our tests showed we had the exact same co-infections. We are living proof it is spread sexually (I know many other couples that both have it and sometimes the children too). It is the new syphilis (they are both spread sexually, they both are spriochete bacteria and they both attack the brain). More people need to be aware of this. Watch the documentary "under our skin ". I also learned all this from my lyme literate dr. That has written 3 books on lyme disease.

Kevin Smith says:

It was developed on Plum Island animal research facility tha plan was to weaponize Lyme Disease using deer ticks as a delivery system i love some of these conspiracy theories they are so fun

tangolobo says:

Does MMS get rid of Lyme disease… i guess it gets rid of aids and herpies and many other illnesses. Anyone know.

What Is My Name says:

One day we'll all learn about chagas. It's completely unknown right now but probly 10 or 20 years from now we'll see it could be as prevalent as lyme disease

16TheGotohell says:

I've gotten Lyme twice. Both times it went straight to my left knee and made it swollen to the point where pants wouldn't fit. Both times I drank a Dixie cup and woke up in a room where there was a giant needle that drained the fluid in my knee. I'm lucky because I wasn't one of the people who got really sick. It always just went to my left knee. I never had the bullseye.

Nwabueze Igwe says:

The creator of flappy bird is back with a new hit, C4:GO free for Android

X YZ-T says:

THE bullseye rash doesnt necessarily happen around the bite – and actually far from everybody get the rash.

Amy Waits says:

40 years – 1978 – I've killed people – And animals – Infected family members – Held dozens if not hundreds of infants and toddlers – Town whore – EVERY major nerve and joint ALL organs suffering intensely – Given this to my son after conception – He doesn't know – I have to tell him about his eye and his skin and hair – And our doctor – And the government – And – His dad – Our issue was never difficulty to diagnose – We've surrounded by sadistic Nazis – No one was ever gonna try to discover anything – They have their own agenda if you're hurt or sick and they can make money it just doesn't matter if you're treated for the right thing – They'll convince themselves they've identified some "underlying" cause of symptoms- Every single ailment viewed from a mental health perspective in the MEDICAL COMMUNITY

fun soundwave remixes says:

this guy looks like a gremlin

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