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Shutdown/Deal or No Deal, Roger Stone
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Shannon So says:

Forget the wall!!!!Six billion should go to our US homeless and pay our mortgages! Feed our children first!

Peace ForAll says:

That evil woman ann whatever her name is needs a month in the shoes of all 800,000 Federal workers. She wakes up in her fancy carefree rich life. Bills paid food choice unlimited, numerous restaurant meals no doubt she is a wicked heartless Wicked power hungry explicit, explicit!! She will ultimately get paid according to her works! Universal law! Heartless little explicit!

Trudy St. Claire says:

You all are clearly biased. Bye bye

Mama Bear says:

The way we will have better security is getting rid of the frauds in the weak links and the backstabbers. Don't Give A F about this country the same one they're living in there's some really sick people in this world apparently they live by the border I think with the government shutdown the ones that have been living off of tax dollars all these years that own Mercedes-Benz Corvettes stingrays oh wait limos hire limo driver have servants in their homes big 1.5 million-dollar homes should start living a little less extravagant sell those things buy a Toyota or a pinto I don't give a damn be more like us Americans that are struggling out here that work every f**** day sometimes seven days a week and still struggle it's not fair just because they work for the government for "US" they should not be getting more pay they should be getting Equal Pay As Americans top paid like 10 bucks an hour or 15 bucks an hour and that should be there top pay like ours ! the shutdown in my opinion is a wake-up call to those government workers that have been sucking up our tax dollars and living extravagant lives and we sit here and suffer why they're still digging in our pocket or in our paychecks! supposed to help. Neighbor as if you needed the help ! ✌

Mama Bear says:

Well if Mr. Stone is being indicted how about Hillary Clinton she needs to be indicted as well she's more part of this then Mr Stone is what a bunch of BS I believe it !!!

Fredrick Njuguna says:

President D. Trump knows what he is doing. I pray that God may continually increase him Stature, Wisdom, favor with God and with men. The country just needs to work together in unity, this wall is not his. -my take.

Sherrie Carr says:

Thank God, thank God.

Maisa Roozie says:

Ketty perry

5622 1963 says:

Why does nobody talk about all the americans that lost their jobs to illegals,i lost mine after 40 years of doing what i was supposed to do,only to replaced by illegals,at least the government workers still have their jobs i had to start over at age 60

Karin Stevens says:

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the biggest pieces of shit on this planet.

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