President Donald Trump: ‘I Accomplished The Military’ | All In | MSNBC

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If you’re ever looking for a list of Donald Trump’s “accomplishments,” all you have to do is ask him.
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President Donald Trump: ‘I Accomplished The Military’ | All In | MSNBC


Truthful4ever says:

I would rather see Mr. Mueller's list. YOU'VE BETRAYED AMERICANS

Will says:

Trump is a geriatric patient with DEMENTIA!!!!!

Will says:

Trump accomplished chaos!
Trump is a one term President!!!

Jay Delzoppo says:

Shut up or tell the news dickhead

MAX A says:

Impeach this immature imbecile. And you all thought that Bush Jr. was the most stupid one ?:))

Brainstorming Plus says:

What a ridiculous Mr. stable genius…

Tami Scott says:

I just……..I just have no words. Have you no shame sir.

Rick Harvey says:

Is NBC totally corrupt?

Jerry Aldama says:

Its insane that he is the only one that is out there saying ,"he is doing so much" wtf is this dude smoking? I mean SMOCKING!

Thomas L says:

Trump have been a LOSER and a CRIMINAL his entire life and now he have added TRAITOR to his SEWAGE CV !

D. D. says:

LIES out of every orifice. The ORANGE CANCER needs to be irradiated.

Julio Gonzalez says:

Tax cuts lmao for who the rich! tRump is a joke and his supporters! Now trolls tell me about you conspiracy theories!

HarleyHilderson says:

Trump: "please buy my lies"

jason eagles says:

If you hated Obama,
And love Trump….
There's a 99.6% chance your racist!

Wendell Barry says:

Let's look at a list of his lies, like I spoke to the president of Puerto Rico this morning, after the tragedy in Puerto Rico. How about we'll build a wall ,and Mexico is going to pay for it! Let's not forget we will hire the bestest of people, remember that one. Half of them he fired! The other half has been indicted for felony charges! This President lies on the intelligence community, saying that they were Miss quoted when they gave the real facts of the security of the nation! Every decent Americans should be appalled by his presence, and should cringe every time he talks! He really should be careful, because he lies so much until the Devil Himself is probably gotten weary and a little bit jealous of the lies that he has told!!! History will record the names all those Republicans who enabled this con man to do harm to this country that will be felt for many years to come !!!

Da'Chief says:

That’s odd, about 99% negative coverage- hardly anything on the Criminal Justice Reform bill which will do more for young black men than any law had in the past 30 years

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