Foxconn May Not Build $10B Wisconsin Plant President Donald Trump Touted | Hardball | MSNBC

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The on the ropes 20-million square foot campus was praised by President Donald Trump as proof of his ability to revive American manufacturing.
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Foxconn May Not Build $10B Wisconsin Plant President Donald Trump Touted | Hardball | MSNBC


King Rottennoggin says:

Why is trump always in bed with maniacal dictators and evil, corrupt organizations? Ohhhhh, wait, I think I just answered my own question…

Marcon Bucayan says:

And where are they going to get all these 13 thousand workers from Mexico? Lol

Marcon Bucayan says:


Kiki says:

Do not blame foxcon too much cos they thought they are dealing wigh a real president ,only to find out down the line that he is a con man ,just like what he is doing to american society.and its allies.

Syk says:

The company's name is literally Foxcon(n)
What gave it away?

GOD says:

well, this is why you don't trust a taiwan company

Sharon Schubert says:

Bye, bye, foxcon. They took the money and ran.

Raju Sagi says:

Four depraved cons (Foxconn, Drump, Ryan, and Scott) doing what they do best – promise everything under the Sun and deliver croc infested SWAMP. Recall the dog and pony show put on by Drump soon after stealing the Presidency regarding keeping thousands of CARRIER jobs in Indiana.

James Wisrik says:

$4,000,000,000 / 5,800,000 people in WI = $690/person. WI govt should write a check to each person.

Fern Walker says:

Get this conman into a rubber room where he belongs.


Wisconsin morons who elected both Trump and Walker deserve this.

Lymon Nguyen says:

Lying trump tax cut for the rich didn't work.

orphan200 says:

Has trumpee delivered on his promise that "they are moving back". No mfg jobs have moved back

Nomadic Miles says:

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” – George Carlin

Esteban Coulter says:

More snake oil sold by the biggest liar and con man in the world!!!!

Anthony D says:

Gee, the other Fox, which broadcasts supposed news, hasn't mentioned this. Can they use the electronics manufacturers' name now that the deal has fallen through? Fox Con would suit them perfectly.

Kevin Falcao says:


Anne Collins says:

What happened Mr. Art of the deal President? I thought you was wheeling and dealing to get FoxConn to Wisconsin; so what happened? You didn't have any cold french fries and cold hamberders for lunch? Oh that's right you ate it all.

H S says:

trimp: I'm a better Con than Foxconn!

Jacqueline Monaco says:

The Art of the Con he got their votes! He played Wisconsin and they fell for it!

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