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Several EU states have created a new payment channel in a bid to bypass US sanctions on Iran. It’s called INSTEX and Germany, France and the UK are behind it. It’s designed to allow Iran access to European markets without having to rely on international banks, because banks face penalties under the US-sanction regime. The new payment system will allow Iran to sell products like oil to European customers. Instex would then get the payment due to Iran and keep it. In turn, European companies can deliver food or medicical supplies to Iran, while getting paid by INSTEX. That would allow participants on both sides of system to avoid running afowl of US sanctions that only forbid monetary transactions with Iran – which INSTEX circumvents. Still, companies using INSTEX might risk retaliation from the US.

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John says:

Nobody respects the US anymore. The world is waking up. Good morning.

Asphine Nytrix says:

I'm so glad that EU is getting free of USA.. well not USA but mostly of Trump… he is a complete shithead.

leemsy lazy says:

Should also challenge the USA on Venezuela

California Bobby says:

Buy Bitcoin.

Joe Nderitu says:

Iran is a Terrorist State that wants to wipe Israel Off the map of the world.

Boere plaas says:

mmmmmmmmmm. The wheels are turning.

Jack Maker says:

Project ALTER MAN 47 (AM47) is open for business with Iran, always.

Antonio Ribeiro says:

UN / US are the same gang.

pathfinder red a.k.a The Slim Cheney says:

The EU showing balls, it truly is shocking

rebeccamaria63 says:

IRAN IS A CRIMINAL STATE FFS, Soviets are pulling the strings of course. The EU is on a crash course to destruction, I've never seen as many calls for Frexit, Brexit, etcetera.

Cave Man says:

I thought Huawei broke international law but sanctions on another Countries by forcing other to follow you is not legitimate or/legal.
I think China needs to standup strongly because the whole thing is manipulated by the Master.

mike 201314 says:

Can EU bypass US sanctions on Russia? 🙂

Chris Koay says:

Leave Iran alone

Eagle Artillery says:

Soon they stage a false flag and blame Iran and throw whole thing away. Easy.

Green Eggs and Ham says:

Interesting actual news from DW

Darko Fius says:

Did I misunderstood, humanitarian grounds in trade between EU and Iran…political economy – war does not recognize humanitarian "grounds" as predatory capitalism is not democratic and assuredly does not show any humanitarian spectre, bombing last free standing street corner in Syria is not a "humanitarian act"…nor is charging exuberant monies for treating malaria (medicines) or diarrhea…

battousai X says:

Democracy are coming to EU for disobeying their master – USA.

andtam008 says:

UK, France, and Germany will bend over when their sugar daddy, US, tells them to.

Ilia Ilia says:

Supprting us sanction to iran

i2c says:

now just replace swift with it, join global forces and sanction the USA.

Akil Bonner says:

About time the EU stop dancing to Washington's satanic tunes

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