Chris Hill: Donald Trump’s Iran Talk ‘Aided And Abetted’ By NSA Director Bolton | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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Former Ambassador Chris Hill says Trump’s talk on Iran may be fueled by NSA Director John Bolton. Hill says on Bolton, the “only issue he seems to speak out on is Iran.”
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Chris Hill: Donald Trump’s Iran Talk ‘Aided And Abetted’ By NSA Director Bolton | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Inez Qtaish says:

Inez Qtaish is not staying in united states, read Inez Qtaish writing, inez Qtaish will never settle nor compromise and no deal with evildoers

Steven T says:

Thank You G-d for President Trump.
Thank You for addressing the drugs that are destroying our people.
Thank You for creating so many jobs..
Thank you for supporting Israel..
Most of all thank you for all that you do for our wonderful country!
The fake news media are communists that will destroy our country..
The Democrats are evil backward negative scum!!!
Even Howard Schultz a liberal lefty Jew prefers President Trump to the horrible Democrats!
Trump 2020!

Matt Zaharias says:

OF COURSE Trump did not actually read the report, think about it and come to his own, different conclusion. He can't get through his presidential daily briefings without paint-by-numbers illustrations and tweet-length paragraphs that mention his name regularly enough. The man lacks any intellectual capacity, doesn't read, doesn't pay attention to history, etc. He is being fed his talking points by the f**** Kremlin.

paingainmayn says:

Bolton is on the MEK payroll. it's unbelievable he is allowed to be a presidential advisor.

Gwen30 says:

POTUS is the worse president in modern times!!!!

Judy says:

T-rump wants to start a war….

Ash Roskell says:

Trump = Clear And Present Danger. Impeach him, Senators! DO YOUR JOB!

Ganiscol says:

As far as talking to the taliban is concerned: Wouldnt it be nice if they were too tired of this war and actually meant to not revert to their old terror regime before they got kicked from power in 2001? But is that realistic? Going by trump's modus operandi, the negotiations boil down to this:

USA: We want out. Will you behave somewhat civil after we're gone?
Taliban: Probably not.
USA: Ok. We will leave anyway. The most important thing is though: trump needs to be able to go on TV and claim this as a win for him as the master negotiator. Can you please not rain on his parade and perhaps wait a year before you start beheading women for going to school?
Taliban: we wont dispute Chump's claim for fame. But cant make any promises on the beheadings part…
USA: Alright then, we have a deal!

Mike Dineen says:

Если вы читаете этот прокомментировать то ваш родитель умрёт в течении 5
years. То отменить это проклятие копию на 5 видео. Жаль я не могу

Ciaron Smith says:

Trump's Zionist backers planted Bolton there. Now he needs to get lost.
Success of his presidency depends on kicking out Bolton ASAP.

Mohammad Azardi says:

Trump is a Zionist puppets.NO war for Zionist

d d says:

Trump needs to be removed.
Ideally our man Mueller will be responsible initiating the process.

Tim Stay says:

No war with Iran!!! Absolutely NOT!!!

ari1234a says:

Does Americans really think that torture is acceptable ?
It seems so because Gina Haspel was promoted to be the Director of CIA.
And to think that US has a nerve to criticize other countries of human rights violations.

Donovan says:

Trump's obvious misdirection saying lookey here, Columbia, Iran, Venezuela! Forget about Russia.

tino v says:

Zionist lobby has trump by his balls …. (like the majority of politicians) in united SANCTIONS of america

NightsWatch 878 says:

You don't have to watch the news to notice that ever since Trump's been president, the country has been pure F#####g chaos. What is his end game ?

Recon Fi says:


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