9 Celebs Who Can’t Stand Ariana Grande

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Singer and actress Ariana Grande rose to fame as innocent and lovable Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon shows Victorious and Sam & Cat. But these days, the pint-sized starlet seems to spend most of her time making enemies — and not just because of that donut-licking scandal. Here’s a look at just some of the many celebs who can’t stand Ariana Grande…

Victoria Justice | 0:21
Jennette McCurdy | 1:25
Big Sean | 2:37
Giuliana Rancic | 3:03
Bette Midler | 3:29
Alex DeLeon | 4:24
Chrissy Teigen | 4:47
Mayim Bialik | 5:12
Mariah Carey | 5:35

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Nicki Swift says:

Which celebrities do you think would feel the opposite way and really love Ariana Grande?

Kayla Bulter-johnson says:

I bet every person you just named listen to all her music

Abby Folmar says:

I honestly can’t stand her or her fans. Her fans are rude, annoying, and won’t let anyone have a different opinion (not all of them, of course). I constantly see Arianna fans attacking people because they don’t like her, and I’m not a big fan of Arianna because we have very different views on certain things.

Neela Hutton says:

I'm not a celebrity, but I can't stand her.

Mako Neko says:

Am I the only one don’t who they are except Ariana lmfao

Rosemary Lovejoy says:

I don't know who I hate more, Mariah or Ariana…

Luz María Torres II García says:

Do I like her music? Yes.
Do I like her as a person? HELL NO.

Hey Hustle says:

And calling Bette Midler out for wearing a bikini whatever it is ocassionally is so stupid. It wasn't like Bette Midler was turning all she's been in in porn. Ariana does. Period.

Hey Hustle says:

I knew she was a bitch.

Lisa Plays says:

I like ari but it’s like….I don’t know like how she is like….sooooo like……hmmmm how do I sayyy this…..

I don’t like how she always gets her ways

mae says:

personally i love ariana, but i would never attack someone for not liking her.

Dan Heinrich says:

All these triggered Arianators, she does not give a fuck about any of you.

Nicole Pineda says:

Ofcourse the network will pay her more money because she got the people's attention more than her co star

Nicole Pineda says:

Insecurities can make a person terrible
Trust me I'm saying the truth
Not just because I am an arianator
Lets just face the reality
They are just insecured about ariana's fame

Jasmine D. says:

people with their own opinions: “i don’t like her, she seems rude.”

fans: “oH coMe oN sHe maDE a miStaKe. hAvenT yOu eVer mADe a mIstAkE?”

A S S H O L E says:

Honestly she seems spoiled and entitled to everything.

#1 Arianator says:

5% Actually about the video
95% I hAtE hEr ToOoO!!!

Queen Ariana says:

Welp Ariana doesn’t really care she has so many fans that love and support her no matter what.

Realist Of The Real Sis says:

Ariana seems so nice. She acts so caring to her fans. I mean, I don’t really blame Ariana. With all the shit she had to do I would have a little attitude too.

Black Cutie says:

I hate em' all
NOT ARI! I wuv her!

AriSweet Moon says:

so i'm a fan of Ariana and many seem to hate her so i won't attack you cuz its your opinion and everybody has their own opinions !

Morgan Beauty says:

5:27 just because she has a nice body dosent mean she’s had plastic surgery, and even if she is “ in her underwear on a billboard” and? What about it? She’s a grown woman who can do whatever she wants. It’s her album cover.

Kai Anderson says:

Victoria justice is a hatter bitch shes unknown i used to watch victorious just for kat

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