Rare Astronomical Events of 2019! (Don’t miss them)

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Astrogeekz presents the Astronomy Calendar for the year 2019!

Meteor Shower clip: mockmoon2000
Link to video: https://youtu.be/K-y6_FysFl8
(Creative Commons)

Jupiter and Moon Image: Radoslaw Ziomber/Wikimedia Commons
Link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter#/media/File%3AConjunction_of_Jupiter_and_Moon.jpg

Jupiter/Venus conjunction Image: ESO/Y. Beletsky
Wikimedia Commons: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_conjunctions_(astronomy)#/media/File%3AMercury%2C_Venus_and_the_Moon_Align.jpg

References: NASA website, Wikipedia

Disclaimer: All the information provided in the video is based on our knowledge and understanding of the subject and isn’t related to any other organizations/agencies. While we take the responsibility to provide you with the most accurate facts, these facts may change with time as Science is always evolving.

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Blue Jaycel says:

Damn I want to see egery Planets in solar system going closer to earth damn it and wheres Eclipise for philipinnes : ( I want to experience Some Eclpise bit theres mostly every where so cool

Khair Gaming says:

Shit. I missed lunar eclipse

Pavouček Leošek says:

I wanna see blue moon!

YouNoob Gaming says:

Theres no Lunar eclipse here 🙁

Amirul Gaming says:

Im gonna see lunar eclipse tommorow and if you live america you will say 2 days but i live in asia

Lazar Kalinović says:

Can't wait till Jan 21.
I'm excited to see lunar eclipse for the 2. time!

Pablo Chen says:

Events in 2020?

Venkatesh Venkatesh says:

December 26

Boi Day boi says:

Every like I will add a star

Elmo poul says:

Wait did the video said 2 July thats my dad's birthday hes is turning 52

Glitch Dude says:

Feb 1 2019 Meteor hit earth lol

Wolf Hunter Gaming says:

Uranus look's like a marble

Sr. James says:

There was a solar eclipse in my birthday!!!!!!!! How did I miss this

Alay Jhaveri says:

Hi, keep posting videos

Noctis Alucis says:

im excited events at asia

Toxic-slite says:

i think that solar eclipse will still happen in 600 million years but it will no longer be intresting nor will there be total solar eclipses and annlunar because it will look like this 1:50 in 600 Million years

Noobford Graal says:


YouNoob Gaming says:

Happy new year!! no solar eclips for philippined 🙁

French Charles A Ynion says:

Astrogeekz happy new year of 2019

747-400 says:

Thr draconids is on my birthday

GamingAndAnimate says:

I love blue moon 🙂

Vishal Gaming Blockman Go says:

Can i see the solar eclipse on January 6 from India ? Plz reply

Lady of Roses Isis says:

Before I watch this, I guess March 2019 will be as unique as July 2018?

Anggara Craft says:


Jame Nguyen says:

This is for 2018 since the geminids already happened

Just Another Gamer says:

Geminids Meteor Shower

Android Astronomers says:

Im exited for the lunar transit in 2019

Android Astronomers says:

This makes me like the solar eclipses

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