KD And Kyrie Duel in Boston! | January 26, 2019

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Kevin Durant (33 points, 9 rebounds) and Kyrie Irving (32 points, 10 assists) battle back and forth in Boston.

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Emir says:

Curry 15 shot, 4 free throw 24 points
Kyrie 27 shot, 8 free throw 32 points
KD 24 shot, 14 free throw 33 points

heardi says:

i take kyrie over kd any day of the yard, and im a gsw fan

Bryan Ramales0110 says:

3:01 kd was invisible

WestCoast Cob says:

Man it’s warriors against kyrie kd pussy

Talha Barut says:

This was like a nba finals rehearsal.

Maestro says:

Kyrie & KD in NY = BOX OFFICE

Jesus Troncoso says:

Irving is leaving after this season

joshua sazon says:

Most intense game in nba 2019

Obamos did 9/11 says:

So Kyrie carrying all this team like LeBron in Cleveland huh?

Team Sabil says:

NBA is Over… We all already know whos gonna win…

Daryl The Borracho says:

Durant is the Goat. Fuck Bron bitch ass.

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