MH17: can Russia be held to account? | The Economist

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Australia and the Netherlands say Russia is responsible for shooting down flight MH17 in 2014. The families of the 298 victims want justice—but which court can give it to them?

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Evgeniy Suslov says:

Just stop buying our oil and gas, stop corruption money flow from my county and changes will come.

adarsh pandey says:

The truth is very scary and leading to mess


its history now just forget it for crying out loud youre all just a bunch of depressed apes

alessandro costa says:

If we keep building pipelines and buy oil from them, they will never change. the only thing to do is engage a deep economic isolation

Chidananda Jena says:

Condolences to the bereaved families. Praying for the departed souls I believe, it’s the Russian origin terrorists fighting against Ukraine Govt. I don’t see any reason, why Russia would have instructed this.

Junberia Khor says:

What about us Malaysians? Aren't you going to cover about us? Technically it's still our country's plane

vsenan says:

When the Americans took down Iran Air 655 it was all fine I suppose.

00000000 00000000 says:

If this was my daughter and I knew Russia took out this plane where my daughter was flying ..

I would fly to Russia and Burn Russian Orthodox Churches with a message of wtf they did!

arpit kashyap says:

What is the name of the song the daughter was playing in the beggining?

Zandrie Elliott says:

Mabey at least attempt to get perspectives from both sides you know like sensible media.

jonathan vargas says:

NATO should have full jurisdiction….You kidding me bunch of empty threats sad how these bastards get away with these kinds of things

fade2gray says:

Fuck Russia, fuck this terrorist state.

KeyboardWarrior says:

Held to account Russian murderers!

solidussnake0079 says:

this comment section is lacking trolls….is it their day off

Stefan Ciganovic says:

Sad to se inocent peole die RIP to all 🙁 But Netherlands doesnt deserve nothing better evil country with arrogant people!They are first to vote if somewhere is war to kill civilians.They hidint behind their allys and bring destruction and misery to other states.Hoppe they sink soon.

jakboy says:

Anyone encountering error in this video?

Philip 007 says:

Well the west shouldn’t have been in Russia’s back yard in the first place. If us and eu didn’t try to overthrow the govt in Ukraine there wouldn’t be an mh17 crash.

Unfortunately geopolitics has no remorse. And just like nobody cares about thousands of civilians dying at the hands of western countries, nobody really cares about the death of Dutch civilians at the hands of Russia. I guess the most you could say is shit happens and move on. Even though I’m deeply sorry for what happened there is nothing you can do now.

US was willing to wipe out millions of people during the Cuban missile crisis when Russia was trying to get into us back yard. Red lines should not be crossed.

Standardowy Login says:

You should give Russians some time. In case of Katyń massacre they needed almost 50 years of blatant lies to finally admit it.

Hee Sing Sia says:

Can the USA be held to account for every death caused by AR-15s?

Hlias K says:

Russian bots will storm this comment section to try and steer the public opinion. Please pin comments that make this clear, before the bot raid begins.

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