10 Most SAVAGE Celebrity FEUDS

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From Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, to Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez, these are the most EPIC celebrity fights. Subscribe! https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Celebrity feuds are nothing new. Just like people in the real world, celebrities battle it out with other famous stars for one reason or another. They could be ex-friends who had a falling out, or even two people who didn’t really know each other to start with, but something came in the middle of them. It could be a spat over an ex-lover or a track that disses another celeb who turns out not to be too pleased with the use of their name in said track. Whatever it is, these spats have led the most shocking celebrity battles.

Social media is king in the world of celebrity, and right now the king has all eyes on Taylor Swift, Kanye and Kim K. The feud began way back in 2009 when Kanye interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the VMAs, and after Kanye released his song “Famous” there’s been big trouble between the two again. And this time his wife has gotten involved. Not to mention Swift’s beef with ex-friend Katy Perry. When Perry tried to steal dancers and sabotage Swift’s tour, the leggy blond would have none of it and ended up writing “Bad Blood” about their failed friendship.

When it comes to feuds, it’s nice to have family on your side. And no one knows that better than the Kardashian clan. When Chloë Grace Moretz took to Twitter to say that there are more important things going on in the world than the Kim, Kanye, Taylor feud, she was bombarded from some nasty tweets from Kim’s sister Khloé. And when a boy is able to come between your friendship, like Justin Bieber did with Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner, it’s probably best the relationship ended anyways. The Biebs also allegedly had a hand in the divorce of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. His feud with Orlando has become one of the most notable in Hollywood.

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera may have sang and danced together on “Glee” but it’s not all roses in real life. And Drake and Meek Mill are two rappers that have it out for each other, throwing disses at one another on multiple tracks. However these feuds started, one things for sure, they definitely haven’t ended well. Whether one person dissed the other, stayed friends with their ex-boyfriend, or released music on the same day, these are the 10 most shocking celebrity feuds.

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Likas World says:

later it turned out that chloe ISNT on the picture because the bottom part of her bikini was blue, how can you leave out that information ?!?

Jain Manari says:

With the exception of Taylor Swift, all these celebs are classless and have very big egos

Artist God says:

I hate Justin Beieber he is always starting something

corner kid says:

feuding over jay z lmao

Ma rc says:

Justin Bieber damnit

Katherine Stefania says:

Why are these women have the hots for Justin B.? I do not see anything that hot about him.

nasrin v says:

I really do love wasting my time with meanings less videos like this (I’m being serious) but that commenting voice is just not a good fit….her pitch makes my brain angry….so maybe hire someone with a more pleasant voice?

Pheonix Rainbow says:

Taylor and Katy are the #1 feud untill 2018 and it Also happened with Selena and kendall

Vicky De Wit says:

What the hay

oli grace says:


HomiedinoboyRBLXYT says:


a day in a GAMERS life. says:



Evie Flood says:

Justin Bieber, WHAT are you doing?!?!?!

MadhS S says:

Bullshit, Rihanna and Beyonce never had a feud, its just the people making rumours about them and they are actually besties, they go to eachother's concerts and post selfies together, you gotta be right on your facts

Tom Riddle says:

I think it's hilarious that people act as if they personally know any of these people to really hate them. Anyone can hate a celebrity actions but it's not like you actually know them to really hate them on a personal level.

Michelle Garcia says:

Khloé is a savage damn.

Patrica Dyson says:

Do not trust those Kardashians,,

Life is Peachy says:

Taylor Swift!!

Amber Hahlbohm says:

Why is Blac Chyna worried about her ex Tyga? Why does she keep bragging about what Tyga bought her when they were together?

Delisa Harper says:

Katy Perry made a song called swish swish for taylor

Aisha G says:

Justin Bieber is just petty asf

Φωτεινή Τζουβελέκη says:

Talko you are perfect

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