“I’m Addicted To Trump”

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The hair may be fake, but the addiction is real.
Written and Directed by Paul Gale and John Trowbridge

Producer: Ted Schaefer
Associate Producer: Ali Zaslav
Executive Producers: Danny Shea, Nathan Brown, and Arianna Huffington

News Anchor: Ben Rameaka
Wife: Alexandra Dickson
Son: Daniel Ward

Director of Photography: Jackson Eagan
Editor: Jamil Munoz
Gaffer: Elias Morales
Hair & Makeup: Lauren Bates Jaffe
Production Sound: Louis Gordon
Sound Mixing: Hunter Berk
Studio Advisor: Tomas Knezevich

Special Thanks:
Ken Lee
Doug Bernstein
Doree Simon
Lenore Welby
The Huffington Post Originals Video Team
CBS News

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Welcome to the Rice Fields Motherfucker. says:

Crooked Hillary! Lock her up!

Welcome to the Rice Fields Motherfucker. says:

Hillary is a Feminist Retarded Liberal Brainwashed by her Feminist ways. Lock her up!

Welcome to the Rice Fields Motherfucker. says:

Send Hillary to the Pillory!

Stoned Prophet says:

This video was ahead of its time.

John Lenhart says:

I'm so addicted to YouTube and Trump in the internet

MutantMonkeY says:

stupid cuck :^)

Rhys Trost says:

Send this video to Seth Meyers and he might have a chance at being funny!

Lamborghini Swag says:

you're gonna f**** stupid

Mah Kost says:

I'm a Trump supporter and I love this video. Makes me want to vote for Trump…twice….if possible.

RaRaOohlala says:

You guys are so lame. You start taking about 'real issues' and bring up climate change? Smh

LiberalLogic IsAnOxymoron says:

i agree with this except about climate change and income inequality being real issues i make 8.40 per hour and i dont see this as a real issue, and climate warming/cooling/changing is a globalist plot to control our lives with regulations upon more regulations and to make money off of government funding and crippling taxes placed upon carbon emissions to force the people to do what the government wants them to

B_a_b_e 8 says:

this video is not funny. His gonna be a president and his gonna ruin the world

Luis Perez says:

keep embarrassing yourselves by reporting Trump as entertainment.

Luis Perez says:

Trump IS news.

blackraider777 says:

is this what SJW humor looks like?

ninuxy says:

Teanuts and Conservatives are fucking losing their mind. Next year, all these losers will be signing another song. Trust me.

Tomas Gutierrez says:

hahaha great video

barbtube01 says:

This is funny and so true.
Boy America's media is a joke.

Danny P. says:

paid for by big business supporting Hillary Clinton. Fuck outta here!!!

Paul Gale Comedy says:

My newest video for +The Huffington Post !

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