Five ways the shutdown is affecting the economy

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As the partial government shutdown continues, more sectors of the economy are beginning to feel the effects. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Brother Rob says:

The good news is you can still bring a gun to a negotiating table.

Greek virgin says:

Turkey ruined the world's economies

BBQSmoker NC says:

Its not affecting Washington Post FAKE NEWS.

Ajay Nair says:

I'm not an American but in every country in the world, employees r always paid for the work they already did. I used to have great respect and regards for the US. Its changed a lot. One thing Trump was able to do is for the shy racist to be more vocal. I think Mitt Romney would have won the election if he were a little bit more racist. 2020 looks actually favorable to Trump as he will again play the race card.

sundiii99OWS says:

Isaiah 57:13 …let your companies [or Govt] deliver you, but the wind will carry them away…! Meaning they won't help you! Demand a Guaranteed Residual Income! Trump knows that! 2Peter 2:2 the Way of Truth shall be evil spoken of!! The bible is about LIFE on Earth, GRI worldwide.

Niedland Benjamin says:

No wall, no government

sundiii99OWS says:

Trump should pay the government wage SLAVES because there never should have been any unequal wealth!! This is why all people should get a GUARANTEED residual income instead of wage slavery, and build safe Tower cities connected to maglev Trains! Destroy wage slavery so we won't need the WALL because then we'd end world poverty, caused by USA wage slavery!

Andrew Koy says:

Wait! Why do we want the government running everything then? Healthcare, education, etc…? What happens when it happens again? I just got back from Europe. I had to show papers at my point of entry. They asked me questions and then I moved on. While there, I realized that’s the way it is everywhere in The United States too. Except at our borders? So why are we fighting over this? I feel we have allowed the government to much power.

Goyotero1000 says:

Screw this rag. Nothing but lies.

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