Are you smart enough to study physics?

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A small pep talk followed by some practical steps you can take to find out if physics is a good fit for your intelligence. This video also applies to mathematics, something I find hard to separate from physics.

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richard tony says:

Before watching the video

I said yes because iam a positive person

Z M says:

Are you smart enough? Probably not. But if you let that stop you from the get-go, then you definitely aren't smart enough.

Adrián Soto Álvarez says:

I think you don't need to be smart to study anything in particular, it takes willingness, sacrifice and hard work. What I found after my time in uni is that the ones that get the good results are not always the smartest but the ones that put the hours and have great memorystic abilities, usually, smart people don't do that well, I know it sounds cliché but it is true.

Nathan Gamer says:

Portuguese pls

Master of None says:

if you have romantic idea forgets forget it !!! There will be no women, none like the one above its going to be like a men's WC. All the nerd types in it. Women no, no sir

Greg H says:

want to get into this ,study Sir Isaac Newton laws and mathematics. understand that and you are smart enough.

Nicholas Prevo says:

Why dont all smart girls look like her?

Lectro Volpi says:

If you failed social studies? Forget about it.

Zach Abbas says:

I'm a junior civil engineering student. I've never been more relieved than when I finished up my pure calculus/physics courses. Bless everyone's soul who can find their way through a physics degree, that sounds miserable.

TheSulross says:

The more useful question here is physics a good option for a career choice unless one has the intellect and inclination to go full PhD – otherwise, engineering fields have more pragmatic opportunities for careers. People well gifted in their math skills, etc., will be in the top tier of those fields.

So Australian accent?

Yash Awasthi says:

She's being modest and telling me '' don't try to be Feynman ''. :') I'm hurt.

Andres火 says:

To be smart enough is one thing. To love doing it is the most important thing.

joe Bender says:

What if I’m not smart enough to decide if I’m smart enough?

Andrew Chillingworth says:

I’ve started my physics degree this year. I could sit here and question my abilities all day long but at the end of the day. I just decided to go for it!

Nate Jack22 says:

I use to want to study physics to have a better understanding of the reality I perceive, but now I want to do what all the great physicists of our time do: make a YouTube channel

Selarom Ogeid says:

No, but I did it anyway…

Kristy Anne says:

I'm smart enough to join MENSA, so…. yeah!

Paul Lion says:

It makes sense to check out video lectures and study a university physics book. In this day & age, with all of the resources we have, there is nothing a resourceful person can’t do. “Not smart enough” is no longer a valid excuse.

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