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10 simple, easy and healthier food swaps to incorporate into your full day of eating!

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Commonly Asked Q’s:

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Lazy to Lady says:

I also use greek yogurt mixed with a ranch dressing seasoning packet to dip veggies in

maya 379 says:

I added red lentil pasta every time to my regular spell flour pasta, but a few weeks ago I wondered if it actually is as good as it first sounds? Because you say that it isnt processed at all which is true if you look at the ingredients but what about how they are made? Arent they highly processed in that shape? And wouldnt it be possible that they make them with such high temperatures that all the benefit and nutrients are "cooked away"? Obviously you can hear I am no professional. Is there someone who knows more about that?

Beth Maciaszek says:

I get Chobani and I only eat the French vanilla…I add a smidge of granola and swap up my fruits blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and that is my lunch. It is all natural ingredients it does have 13 g of sugar but it is the only one I like …I also have switched a lot of friends to Garlic expressions dressing you can find it at Kroger or meijers …Let me know if you try them

anna swift says:

Can you please tell me what lipstick you're wearing cause I ADORE IT <3 <3 <3

Ella Dimov says:

Im obsessed with the lemon/lime spindrift because its pretty close to sprite and I had an unhealthy relationship with sprite lol

Christine T says:

Kate Hill is a good vegan yogurt

Cala Groh says:

What is that perrrrfect lippy shade?!❣️

Brandi Freeman says:

Literally sitting here watching this while eating yogurt for breakfast… Lol

Rachel Quinney says:


Piink Candii says:

Love this video ! Please do part 2!!

Bronwyn Mcleod says:

I love how you get to the point in your videos.

Emily Stirling says:

part 2 pleaseeee love this!! and love you!

Sohro says:

Oooooh I gotta disagree on the coconut aminos 🙁 I thought it was so much sweeter than soy sauce~ I am very excited to try zucchini noodles for the first time!

taylor payton says:

What pre-workout do u use?!

Anjali Thakkar says:

Are you a vegan?

Franny O'Brien says:

Was literally eating the triple zero yogurt as I was watching!

Reagan Theurer says:

I love all of these!! Thank you for sharing Whit!!!

Emilli Chluba says:

YES! Another one!! You are so positive and helpful!

Sophie Harper says:

I’ll agree with ya about most of those except for the spindrift. Some of those taste not so good. So be warned. The like raspberry is my least favorite and the grapefruit tastes like an actual grapefruit, like unsweetened and bitter. If you like those then all power to ya but they just aren’t my fave.

Amy Hopkins says:

This video was so helpful!!!

Stronghold Strength & Conditioning Co. says:

These are some great suggestions! It's amazing what some small changes can make in the long run.

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