Young People React to Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh | Teen Vogue

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated by President Trump as a replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court of the United States. Since the nomination, multiple allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh have surfaced. Teen Vogue asked a group of young people about their thoughts on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

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Young People React to Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh | Teen Vogue


Jonathan Courville says:

Brett Kavanaugh should never have gotten on because he won’t treat women fair and he has a history of being violent against women

bigbaba1111 says:

i think the majority of the readers of "teen" vogue are 50 yeras old bitter democratic cat ladies.:)))

The Aquayeet King says:

I guess misconstruing arguments is fun these days…

Mexican Who Can't Speak Spanish says:

Ouch these people are my age and they’re making people of my age look bad. Teen vogue go back to talking about periods and menopauses.

A person ! says:

Accusations mean nothing u need proof and cold hard facts I’m sorry to be the person to tell what the real world is like but not everything someone says is true and if ur gonna try to make the claim that he raped u ur gonna need facts and evidence and proof

Richard Wilson says:

I allege officially Obama raped my mother in 1988. I guess he's guilty until proven innocent now?

Sup3r_N0va says:

I like going back to videos like this, after he was proven innocent and didn't do any of these things. Word of mouth is apparently the only evidence you need these days…

I changed my name to fool some people says:

These little bitches have some sperm for brains

Robert Burns says:

But he didn’t do it.. legally

Skinblossom says:

Slanderous…. Disgusting

Zweltz Cited says:

Should be called “liberal young people react to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court”

PrinceZuko says:

Thumbs down.
This video would be more accurately titled "Cringe inducing Commercial against Brett Kavanaugh's nomination starring little kids".

Bill Allen says:

He’s innocent so you can stop pretending he’s a monster.

Duplicated says:

But was anything proven and do these people know the real information. These lines were all fed to them for contents purpose

Croatian Warmaster says:

Why do ALL leftist PSA's look the same??

Pablo says:

“When you’re a teenager for sure you know the difference between right and wrong”
Tell that to the Canadian government regarding Omar Khadr.

Christopher Villaran says:

Teen Vogue just brainwashed these kids

John Ebel says:

What about HIS testimony

AF03 says:

No to fat chicks and teen vogue.

Miguel Valencia says:

Not to be rude. But why do these kids opinions matter?

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