“Draw My Life”: ESBL

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Our video, Antibiotic Resistance, covers an E. Coli bacteria with the enzyme extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL). This enzymes are able to break down beta lactam antibiotics, like penicillin. The general characteristics of bacteria, mechanisms, risk factors, and preventions of ESBL.

Paul Le: Editor
Bahar Iranpour: Narrator
Shanzay Ilyas: Video Coordinator
Yijin Liang: Artist and Scriptwriter
Ayman Paracha: ESBL Researcher


Charles Greenewald says:

A clever and entertaining presentation that even a simpleton like myself can appreciate!

Trey Penton says:

Great job! I'm a pediatric infectious disease fellow in Brooklyn and I'm gonna show this video to my medical students this week!

bsteve1120 says:

Great job! Love it!

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