Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 2 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

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Megyn Kelly drills down on President Putin’s denial of his role in election interference, equipped with allegations detailed in Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian citizens.
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Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 2 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News


Mateo Matt says:

Putin would never loose a war against USA as US citizens love him .

Lil Fizz says:

I’m gonna have to stand with Mr. Putin on this one.

The Man says:

It's typical of you yanks to twist the facts.

JebemTiMater says:

"Creating chaos that's your goal" Americans can't talk about that

Will Spellman says:


B33biker says:

She should just go back to cooking

as jis says:

She should be fired…

video editor Judha rai says:

master at perfecting lies

video editor Judha rai says:

these people thinks they can make truth whatever they accuse of

video editor Judha rai says:

american media are good at taking interview
its kinda looks like police investigating

leighton gray says:

NBC is fake news

Lazaro Rivera says:

I swear, putting is so patience. I would of smacked her for her stupidity and rudeness.

scrotie mcboogerballs says:

MSM logic
Paula jones sexual harassment= shes a floozy!
Christine Blasey Ford= she should be heard and believed!
Clinton Impeachment= Vast rightwing conspiracy!
Gore loses= Jeb bush rigged the Florida election!
Hillary loses= Russian interference via Facebook!

ForkedFun says:

this thing was montaged so hard to make putin seem cornered at times but, let's all just agree to the fact that most of the white people in murica are supporters of trump's. all of you dumbasses voted for him based on your racist tendencies and now you're not gettin your pay check. price for "greatness".

Jakub Adandedjan says:

she so stuipid

A. Royden D'souza says:

Jesus. Even I felt like shooting myself in the head! Please, go back to fox. NBCs stupidity is seeping into you!

A. Royden D'souza says:

Jesus Christ! This interview is an embodiment of American stupidity!

lomelivictor1081 says:

She really think she is smart lol

J. Amado says:

Has the perfect (very unusual) opportunity to represent us well and show that the U.S. actually has a good face, yet decides to poke the hive.

Vlad Baje says:

1. She is not good enough for this
2. Question are so dumb, and all this situation looks like absolute fake, theater

Jagger Williams says:

"Creating chaos"? That doesn't even make sense!

Roy Greem says:

1:27 Yevgeny Prigozhin’s feelings were never more hurt.

Daniel Dwight says:

I'm surprised,Kelly , didnt get atleast backhanded! for all of her backhanded interview tactics. I can't stand putin, but she makes him look like a choir boy with her "interview" skills

Aydin _NL says:

capitalist propaganda part 2

Milki says:

NBC News is a big joke

Clay Chapman says:

Putin is very awake. He know's the American media is controlled and phony. I like Putin more than any American media "pundit." What a joke Megyn…

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