The Biology Major – Careers, Courses, and Concentrations

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The biology major is a great major for students interested in a variety of career paths including medicine, health care, research, consulting, sales and much more.

This video goes over what you can do with your Biology degree, what classes you will take and will learn about the different Biology concentrations.

This video goes over exactly what you can expect as a Biology major and includes some of the basic courses you take, the concentrations you can focus on, and most importantly how you can use this major for your future career.


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Kaushal Patel says:

Hey bro can I go in medical field after completing bsc in biology? And how can I go in medical field if I want to ?

Denise Custer says:

Wow, you are extremely helpful! Very real. Thank you so much!!

edgy garçon says:

This really comes in handy

Keep it up! 😀

Neo Peng says:

Thank god! This is sooooo helpful

My beautiful and amazing Princess says:

i will do biology cause I love animals!

Paul Shin says:

For any bio majors or professionals in a biological field, what would you consider the pros and cons of this major? How does it compare to other stem fields? Also, what were some of your good or bad memories in college?

Buneary Bunny says:

Am I dealing with Mathematics like algebra in studying Biology for college?

Professional Biologist says:

Evolution is not Historically True.

reality police says:

A lot of the 13 year olds like me who are watching this will end up at a grocey store checkout. ;~;

Robert Elder says:

Can you become an EMT with an associate’s degree in Biology? Or would that be pointless?

love NOMEE says:

So if I want to be a physical therapist I should major in kinesiology…. and I need a masters to become a licensed one ?

Ram Saroj says:

You know here in India there is no such thing BS in biology
It divided into zoology and botany

OdiumOdyssey says:

Forensics major prep?

Gillian Collins says:

Which would be the better combination, biology & maths or biology & chemistry

Cari says:

How much does it cost to become a clinical medical scientist to go for masters?

Nameless says:

Where would I lie if I'm going for paleontology. Since I need a biology major

Sir. Dayo says:


Ashley Mutasa says:

Biomedical physics, please

Miguel Reyes says:

Bilogy majors have aheavy task at hand……. Discovering the fountain of youth

Densestlemon says:

Starting college this fall with a major in biology. I hope to go to med school some day. Hopefully it’ll all go well, and I did fairly well in high school. I’d love any tips if anyone sees this and has some! 🙂

joe mwangi says:

You are well round rounded intellectual.. You seem to understand all concepts of science

CorruptedKing says:

How hard is upward mobility in Biotechnology because right now I'm a sophomore Biology major with a concentration in biotechnology and I already feel tired of school and don't want to have to go through more school.

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