2018 United States Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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One incredible race!

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marius catana says:

Grande Kimmi!

mistalion1 says:

I miss v10-12 engines

Cassius Thomas says:

It's not fair Max forced Lewis to brake and go wide

The Beast Cars says:

Grosjean has been a idiot this season

009tuzipo009 says:

2019 anyone?

Simon YT says:

January 2019? Happy New Year F1 fans and this is the race that i will NEVER forget

Ethan Le says:

Anyone watching from 11:54.15 31/12/2018

M&M 123 says:

Excellent news and good luck Nasser Qatar dakar rally

Lo Be says:

Great Champ, Kimi!

KurkkuMopo says:

Best F1 race ever

Hundefudda Mudda says:

F1 > Indy/Nascar

Calum Tosh says:

I was praying for Kimmi to win not vettel because I knew he was going to spin

Chad Cudi says:

These mobiles are nuts. Idles at 6000 rpm. When these guys shift they have to find a acceleration balance. Think about if they completely took their feet of the accelerators, and then back on through a corner. Spin spin spin. They sound great but driving this beast is a damn artistic movement. Like ballerina

Patrick Tristão says:


J.H. Rainman says:

For me Max was the winner of the day. Man, did he drove a very very strong race!!!

Li Zhong Lin says:

Kimi Raikkonen winner first time

AnoneAnone Gaming says:


Sen GamingYT says:

113 years races

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