Web Development In 2019 – A Practical Guide

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This is my yearly step by step guide to becoming a web developer in 2019. We will look at nearly all aspects of web technology including the necessities as well as some of the new trends for 2019.

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Yuri Cordeiro says:

0:28 – What Is In This Guide?
1:24 – Basic Software & Tools
3:43 – HTML & CSS
5:06 – Responsive Layout
5:55 – Basic Deployment
7:35 – Sass Pre-Processor
8:38 – Vanilla JavaScript
10:08 – Basic Front-End Web Developer
11:13 – What To Learn Next
11:53 – HTML / CSS Framework
13:21 – Git & Tooling
16:58 – Front-Ent Framework
19:10 – State Management
20:29 – Full Fledged Front-End Web Developer
21:24 – Server Side Language
24:16 – Server Side Framework
27:52 – Database
29:34 – Server Rendered Pages
30:41 – CMS
31:44 – DevOps, Deployment & More
34:40 – Full Stack Badass
34:57 – Mobile Development
35:58 – Desktop Apps With Electron
36:33 – GraphQL & Apollo
37:28 – TypeScript
38:15 – Serverless Architecture
38:52 – AI & Machine Learning
39:23 – Blockchain Technology
40:07 – PWA
40:42 – Web Assembly

Reza Opdebeeck says:

Super useful, thanks

Prasanna Kulkarni says:

Watching the video it reminds me I was such a beginner two years ago. Now that I know some html css JavaScript and CMSes, I can understand what would the frameworks would do. It might seem daunting at first but being diligent is the key. Now whenever anyone asks me how to start, I recommend focus on html css JavaScript. Everything else will fall in place. Thanks for the great video!

osama ahmed says:

I love it and I have just started now > thanx very much
Can you share the presentation file (PPT) please

jfitz369 says:

Love the video! Only thing I wanted to add was on the topic of databases. Google Firebase is a suite of resources for development – a sub set of Google Cloud Platform. And they offer 2 database solutions – RealTime and FireStore, both are NoSQL. Also, with AWS, you can run any type of database. AWS is really just providing cloud infrastructure like VMs that you can configure in any way necessary to run anything. So for example, you can run mongodb or MySQL there are well.

Zach Adams says:

Full Stack Badass, I like it. Worked hard for that.

Carlos Herrera says:


Csaba Todor says:

Thank you Brad! You are the Best!

Felicia Betancourt says:

Fantastic overview! I would only add that a front end dev should be able to measure and improve both site loading speed and accessibility.

Yael Brown says:

Go has a web framework. It's Revel.

Arif Waqas says:

Thanks for your wishes, I wish you and your family a happy and delightful new year Brad! 🙂

Arif Waqas says:

Guys can someone tell me where to learn the principle behind connection to backend APIs? What I have seen from the videos on youtube is 'do this then do that', and it works for me, but I am not able to apply it in real life situations. Any light of guidance for me?

Jeremiah Odige says:

It's the FIRST week of 2019 & I'm determined to be a full stack developer before 2020 with the help of Traversy Media & the internet !!

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