Brochure Design Process

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Today we design a brochure for an air bottling company. I designed the brochure with adobe illustrator and photoshop. The brochure design process starts with a wire from layout. Then the brochure is created in illustrator with stock images. I used adobe photoshop to adjust and resize the images for the brochure design.

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Alina Mulder says:

ur so beautiful

João Avelino says:

just couldn't get Spaceball out of my mind the entire video! LOL

Agnes Crumplebottom says:

I have a crush on this guy

Trololol Lolololol says:

Eyes are sick

Melania Arcese says:

OMG your eyes are simply beautiful !

Imranul Haque says:

Wow Nice Concept!! Loved It!! Oh I have a similar quality Work. You can See…

Zayra ClMe says:

love your eyess omg

parthiv ghosh says:

amazing man loved that… your attitude is superb..

wambui poeticbee says:

Stay awesome too. … That so helpful thanks.

Sooyoun Kim says:

My brain: it's brown and blueee..! (in the corner of it: "air from there"…how brilliant)

irfanovic01 says:

Did you leave the back blank for a reason ?

Wenwen October says:

oh dude. your eyes looks so pretty

esteisy rosario frias says:

Hello Zimri, Do you make your background sounds or songs? pretty cool !

naryartwork says:

love ur eyes!

Clyde D'souza says:

Nerd Rap 101…..

mohamed 17 says:

I love the song

Secret Team says:

I found sasuke in real life. Syaringan and rinengan was real.

23daffyduck says:

hey! what do you recommend for finding images that don't have royalties attached to them .. ?


Your both eyes are of different color…..!!!

Girste Girstyte says:

You look like a generally happy person 🙂 Nice tips!

fincasantateresa1 says:

Nice bro thanks, love the song.


You are a great artist!

Santiago Fernández says:

Where do you find all these images?

michaël Clerinx says:

why you don't use indesign ??

David Kershaw says:

This video was so annoying

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