Trump to address the nation Tuesday night

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President Trump confirmed on Twitter that he will address the nation Tuesday at 9 pm ET on “The Humanitarian and National Security crisis.” Bret Baier, anchor and executive editor of ‘Special Report,’ on the significance of the timing of a presidential address.

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souris verte says:

let thm in you fools

souris verte says:

progressives 2020

Jennifer Patton says:

Democrats have been blocking the border security for many years and now we have 20 Million undocumented illegal immigrants to Thank for it.
Why is everyone more interested in people missing a paycheck than they are people, dying and Billions of dollars being spent from our Tax money on illegal immigrants already here in our Country???? When our Veterans, our Elderly, our Medicare recipients aren’t having to pay any longer, our infrastructure is rebuilt … the highways, bridges, railways ,electric grid, our entire government restructured to be cost effective somehow and……. millions of Americans….. yes Americans are able to do something besides live from Paycheck to Paycheck… and can actually consider retiring when they get old. Then and only then should we talk about giving all the Tax Money away to other Country’s and citizenship for immigrants. Why is the American citizen always never considered????? Why are other Countries always more important then the United States citizens???

jack frost says:

Go Trump!!!!

eardley johnson says:

so that was the orange ones big speech? that was the biggest nothing burger I've ever seen!

Norman Creswell says:

God bless Trump! Build the wall!

Bailey Henderson says:

Buy sears kmart the technology industry except for the tools health and farming industries need will implode the phone companies And suppliers will restructure like they made sears and roebuck co with kresage legacy (kmart), rite aid papa John's , it is only fair

Jacqueline Cordova says:

I am going to listening to my President Trump tonight I will be on his side 100% hope he shuts the border completely that what I want

Ashley Adams says:

Declare a national emergency. It simply is.

Maria Lopez says:

This lady reporter talks like a Democrat.

Sammy Decoux says:

I hear all these chants for build the wall. What you gonna do build one all the way around the country. Wow there would be a few that would say yes. Lmao

jagviljagvil1 says:

Donald Trump against the DARK New World Order!-That's what it's all about!
For the first time in many years, a heroic president like Donald Trump, trying to END those dark forces of the New World Order.
Those dark forces have enslaved and plundered humanity for many years, now it's the Donald Trump that must erase them.
One of them, the most evil dirtiest pig are Soros and Ambassador Jess Baily in Macedonia.

ted johnson says:

uh oh. 6 people on watch lists came in through the southern border in 2018, vs 48 from the northern border. Trump is trying to build a wall ON THE WRONG BORDER!!! BUILD THE WALL across Manitoba!!! KEEP OUT THOSE CANUCKS AND TERRORISTS!!!

ted johnson says:

BUILD THE PENCE FENCE!!!… a few selected locations where the old fence needs replacing. YEAH!!!

ted johnson says:

WAR WITH MEXICO!!! yeah. try that scam, donnie. that might work.

ted johnson says:

BUILD THE SPACE SHIELD!! At any moment, an asteroid could come hurling in from outer space and impact the US mainland with a force of unimaginable proportions. ITS A CRISIS! A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

Lene Ring says:

Tonight Donald will be lying to the nation again.

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