Rep. Ted Lieu: President Donald Trump’s National Emergency Is ‘Made Up’ | Hardball | MSNBC

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With no resolution on the government shutdown in sight, President Trump announced today that he will make his first primetime address from the Oval Office on Tuesday night.
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Rep. Ted Lieu: President Donald Trump’s National Emergency Is ‘Made Up’ | Hardball | MSNBC


Idylchatter says:

A master of diversionary tactics, a skillful manufacturer of untruth with a limited vocabulary, a political hypnotist for the vulnerable. That's it.

Gia Marie says:

Spend $5Billion in the wall, save $116 Billion annually. It's a no brainer. Also save American citizen's lives which is priceless.

honkawiman says:

So the Trump administration did it again. So, if Trump and his goons just gave the terrorists a break advance. They just gave the terrorists a great idea. THANK YOU now instead of stopping terrorism at airports where normally where they were stopped, now they are going to start coming through the All borders. THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT. Why did the Republicans do anything about THE TERRORISTS when the Republicans were in charge of all the government. It's really suspicious. I think Trump really does not want to be President anymore. I think he is trying his best to get impeached so he can go back to his criminal ways and scam people as he has been for a long time. As they say what goes up eventually must come down. So Trump is coming down.

Red Bug says:

GoFundMe build the wall MAGA

TheVisserthree says:

Most Americans were dead because of mass-shootings and they’re discussing the southern border? Republicans today are both non-Christians and brainless people.

TheVisserthree says:

Using those unpaid workers as a leverage! Trump is the worst scum.

ElPocho DelMundo says:

Sarah Sanders is a lying biotch. She should be very ashamed of herself for lying all the time.

Shirley Pearson says:

Why don't we deal with the drug problem here so there is no market for the drugs.

Shirley Pearson says:

Do not give him air time for his lies. If h they do , no one should watch. I will not, I never watch him, he lies always.

Jon.T says:

They need to make room for the white nationalist gangs to run your burgeoning third world country ?

Dodgy Trump says:

Immigration has always been a problem in America, just ask the Native Americans!

paladinbob 123 says:

yay! a decent size hardball episode with chris at his best 😀


Did the old guy sneak in a whataboutism then mention Obama… who has absolutely nothing to do w/his argument?

Charlie Hepburn says:

Notice how Republican supporters always shout over everyone else. Bullying not debating.

MVVpro says:

Trump speech:
1. Our country is under attack
2. The military will take over
3. Everyone who is not registered as a Republican or wear a MAGA hat is a traitor and will be re-educated or sent to Mexico
4. All investigations against me and my family and co-conspirators will be stopped and Robert Mueller will be locked up
5. I am president for life.

Terry Wolf says:

Brabender is just spouting Trump rhetoric. Trump and his lackeys continue to lie to the American public. People are tired of the lying, the fear mongering, and Trump's underestimation of the American people's intelligence. There is no National Emergency, and the 5.7 billion dollars for the wall could be better spent on healthcare, infrastructure, and education, and programs to help the people of the U.S. instead of Trump's red wall, that he wants for his own vanity, and that many Republicans (hence "red wall") support. Those Congressional Republicans insist on doing Trump's bidding, even knowing that it's wrong, rather than doing their jobs as Checks and Balances on Trump, will pay a very high political price in 2020. Many of the people out of work from the shutdown of the government are Republican, so contrary to Trump's lies, it's not just Democrats that need a paycheck and are having their livelihoods affected.

Brian Cramer says:

Shannon Pettypiece is so beautiful.

Howard Patrick says:

Trump has lapdog Whitaker to help him fight of Mueller.

Laura Barnes says:

Lol just six known terrorist? Wtf saying like six is "not that bad" even one is too much!

FortCC says:

If you lose your argument, bring up ‘but Obama’.

John Seipp says:

The money that the Iranians got WAS THEIR OWN MONEY THAT HAD BEEN SITTING IN AMERICAN BANKS DRAWING INTEREST SINCE 1979! They simply got their money back after the nuclear deal. There wasn’t anything nefarious about that at all. The WINGNUT pathological LIARS are always trying to make it sound like Obama just gave them some sort of bribe or windfall or something when all we did was to return their own money with interest!

kpop halmeoni says:

How come no one ever says the terrorist are coming through Canada?

Michael Question says:

Obama didn't give the iranians any money. The US unfroze iranian accounts that had been frozen when iran first started to explore nuclear technology. When the accord was being negotiated, unfreezing the iranian accounts was the carrot. Obama gave them nothing, just rehashing the old lies and conspiracies sprinkled with a few new ones

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