Al Gore Shares His Memories Of George H.W. Bush | TODAY

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Former Vice President Al Gore, who is hosting his eighth annual “24 Hours of Reality” livestream, joins TODAY from Los Angeles to share his memories of former President George H.W. Bush, who died at age 94. “He left a legacy of extraordinary integrity and grace,” Gore says.
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Al Gore Shares His Memories Of George H.W. Bush | TODAY


jonas smith says:


jonas smith says:

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0:56 bet hard ITS MINE NOW — assume we fix the paper later

jonas smith says:

DONT BET teh HOVER DAM man DONT DO IT … dam her
did it

karl theodor says:

Prof. Dr. H. Stephen Schneider, IPCC's lead author in Working Group, said in 1989, "That's why we need to announce horror-chasing scenarios, make simplistic, dramatic statements, and set aside little mention of any doubts we may have. To attract attention, we need dramatic statements and no doubt about what is said. Each of us researchers has to decide how far he wants to be honest or rather effective. "

Josue Cabrera says:


D G says:


Carthage Dye says:

Al Gore, thank you sir for the internet.

arthur curry says:

Alpha male and creator of internet Gore was wrong about NAFTA and would have never been vice pres without Ross Perot taking a large part of HW Bushs vote.

Steve-o Moreno says:

He sounds super cereal.

Brett Brignac says:

al gore vs. Ross Perot!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a gjoke algore wus this.and ith dis and the d party was at the time of pruuving naphta was an implicit LYE. I can't stand for a loser, such as, perot buy any means. However, perot awakened an USA DAWG that will not back from DEE UPHOLDING   of the YAHWEH'S DECLARATION/PROCLIMATION of THE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! regret the magna carta. Please revise and then, advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Moorhead says:

President George H. W. Bush was a good man and president. So is Al Gore.

linda wild says:

I sincerely hope Mr. Gore will run for President again in 2020, because I believe he will be able to get the people who believe in climate change behind him and that are upset with the current President about the way he is handling this!

GWhiz99 says:

One of the most memorable political cartoons I ever saw ran in newspapers after the 1992 presidential election.

George H.W. Bush seated in the Oval Office when the intercom box on his desk emits a word balloon saying:

"President Bush…Preident-elect Clinton and the Ozone Man are here to see you."

Background: As the campaign rhetoric got heated, H.W. Bush attempted to cast Al Gore's pro-environmental stances as extreme and bad for business, so he took to calling Gore a tree hugger and the aforementioned "Ozone Man", He implied that Gore was some guy in a cape and tights flying around to save the planet by forcing inconvenient proposals down the throat of an unsuspecting public.

The political caricatures of Bush seized on his head, exaggerating it with extra-elongation. But his facial expression in this cartoon used a "panic-goof" face with clinched teeth and maybe a bead of sweat flying off his face. An expression that's like ,"Oh, ** what do I do now?

Suffice it to say Gore's advocacy for the environment has come a long way since 1992. So much so that having a green conscious is hardly considered fringe, but is now more the norm.

Gayle Gardiner says:


Canibecalled says:

Man bear pig is very cereal

Geri Brandon says:

If they were so worried about our earth, Ask your self why on earth are they spraying deadly spray on not only us but the earth to destroy the world. He just said the word acid rain..It is a EMERGENCY so put the people in prison who is doing it. It's man made death. The fires in Calf. Man made. they are the evil. The storms , floods all of it owo. Just look it up and read the truth of the evil.

Paul Gleitman says:

Zachary Sherman you’re the fool.
I wasn’t talking about Obama , I was talking about Al Gore .

Evelyn Brown says:

I'm a DEMOCRAT. And I believe Bush was a decent man.

Paul Gleitman says:

Al Gore should have been the 43rd President of the United States.
A fine man.
Takes a lot of unnecessary criticism.
Americans prefer trash like Trump.

Dave Mills says:

for once i give gore credit ,he finally showed some good grace to george bush

Donald Duck says:

How much did you get paid to share your memories of him.. Pathetic phonies

J Shepard says:

Black folks are 13% of the population but 75% of the new morning crew on NBC. LOL. Way to keep it PC, NBC.

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