Know About the Pathophysiology of Nicotine Withdrawal

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This 7-part video series will educate frontline staff on how to manage nicotine withdrawal in inpatients at UHN. This third video is about the pathophysiology of nicotine withdrawal including:
• what nicotine is
• the effects of nicotine on the brain and body
• symptoms of nicotine withdrawal
• how to assess patients for nicotine withdrawal


Richard Turner says:

Really forgive me as I am having withdraws from bud/tobacco but everything is annoying and frustrating. I feel as if I dont want to leave my bed. Watching this video makes me want to go smoke for how slow and the little noises that pop up with the questions. I want this to be over

05candyman says:

This is built almost like an ad for smoking. The imagery and everything.

Freddie Dixon says:

10 days I'm so sick

Johnny walker101 says:

makes me not wanna quit lol

Amberlynn's FEEDERS says:

Oh fuck you for pushing nicotine replacement. You're a university. Have you no resources or shame? If anyone is looking to understand nicotine or quit nicotine, just learn Allen carrs's method. It's not magic.

Brand Gadfly says:

CBD marijuana from BOSTON HEMPIRE got me off nicotine!!

John Brandt says:

Sucking on empty pods ugh

wilson bethlehem says:

High blood pressure. Thanks for the info

elCheesemonkey says:

am havin dat from juul

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