Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements

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Video Project
Diversity film and Lit
Mrs. Mata’s 2nd period

Group members:
David Marquez
Daniela Lares

I do not own all the videos and music used


CloudyGamer41 says:

1:55 I think the sexist bit in this is the poster

Henry's Lab says:

These are so funny.

Sadly these have nothing in common with your thesis. And if I were your teacher I would give you an F.

RAZR says:

this is sad. if people get offended at little things like this they arent going to live a happy life

Arianna Patterson-Ortiz says:

None of these where sexist haha but the ending was silly (:

chazladtheboss says:

Lol 23k views when it’s meant to be a school project

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Great Video

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Kev_ Bot says:

Are you retarded how is any of this pushing a agenda

PJ U says:

What song was the beginning? I remember it from a show when i was little

Xavier Marquez says:

Fake and gay

Squishy golem says:

This…Is really retarded, and most of them don't even belong on this video

Økey says:

Err how does Rick and Morty have anything to do with this? 2:03

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