Document and Show Your Creative Process— Here’s How in 3 Minutes

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Why is it important to show your process? Do you have a creative formula that is repeatable with predictable results or are you just showing the finished work? If you aren’t showing your process and documenting it, you are leaving it up to the imagination of your client as to how you work. This creates an air of mystery about what they’ll get and when.

Mystery equals doubt. Doubt equals risk. Don’t be risky. Document your process.

When documenting your work, answer the question of what problem (ideally a business or marketing goal) did you solve? How did your creative solution answer the brief?


0:20 How to show your process (Client Brief, Wireframes, Concept Models, Research, End Product)
0:58 How does your design benefit the customer?
1:14 The first steps of making a website (User Profiles, UX Sketching, Visual Design Mockups & Wireframes).
1:48 How do clients decide who they are going to work with?
1:54 Clients choose the least risky option – Have creative recipe

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Dreamline Network says:

Your videos are pure gold. Thank you so much for the valuable content. Quick question, what Typeface do you use on your videos? I thought Futura, but on second thought it doesn't seem like it at all.

Totally Beyond Me says:

This is pure gold. So obvious in retrospect. Thanks Chris.

Gabriella Gintare Rozenaite says:

I am amazed how far you have come with your videos! I love the message you are giving and the way you give it. I am a multimedia design student and I feel like your videos complement my study program. Which is amazing, cause I find my study program right on spot already!

Drew Sippel says:

"From a far- clients don't choose the best option, they choose the least risky option. You reduce the risk by showing them your process and it's consistently applied. So it seems like you almost have a creative recipe. And if they like your creative recipe they will be more inclined to call you." 100% solid statement. THANK U

schakalakadingdong says:

I've become a little obsessed with processes over the last yeras and especially the last months where I started documenting them for myself and others.
So good to have confirmation I'm doing it right. 🙂

Jonathan Perucho says:

"If that's your creative recipe and crap comes out, I don't really want crap"


thesmoothone says:

awesome video. question on this, should one who creates painting and takes photos make a separate Instagram page for both platforms and keep a personal page or include on one iG profile?

Joe CKChan says:

It's nice to watch shorter videos like this too..

ULA ulakhan says:

what program is at 1:40 ??

Mr.HipGenie says:

Dude you are on a roll! I found out about your channel today and I can easily say you practice what you preach. I feel HELPED! You shared and you helped someone, CRAZY how it works. Keep up the goodwork Mr. Do! I will be watching, learning, and creating. Much appreciated – Mr.HipGenie

Austin McKinney says:

Another great video! Just curious what you mean when you say "Research?" On the card at 0:23 research is listed fourth, almost at the very end. To me, research comes right after the brief… how do you know what to make without doing your research first?

Rollan Rodriguez says:

True. All of the above!

Courtney Harmon says:

Pretty cool, I like this!

noa rave says:


JACK! says:

whats a wireframe?

Evan Wright says:

Love that line about the consistent recipe making you seem like a safer option.
Will the meet up you had with Danny Yount ever be online?

JMJ -K says:

Great video, blunt and to the point.

amateurstuff says:

Don't know Chris. All is good and in Branding, strategy is key stage to get client involvement and show process. But they freak out when they see an early mocked up design development solutions, even if its just something with their name on it.

And so imho this is mostly safe in strategy based processes, storyboard, wire and style frames but only the penciled stuff, to allow them to imagine.

Josh H. says:

Hi, for me the soundtrack is distracting. Normally I have no problem following your voice but this kicks me off here and there. Anyways I like the fact that you guys try out different things. Keep it up!

Joseph Avery Studios says:

Chris, check your Slide at 2:10 mark. "Process" is misspelled. Not calling you out here. I just wasn't sure what they best way was to convey this message/correction/typo to you. BTW, this is Joe Rodriguez (Facebook Friend from Houston, TX.)

Jonas Arleth says:

Packed into 3 minutes what needs years to understand and actually doing it.

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