Mathematics is the sense you never knew you had | Eddie Woo | TEDxSydney

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In this illuminating talk, high school mathematics teacher and YouTube star Eddie Woo shares his passion for mathematics, declaring that “mathematics is a sense, just like sight and touch” and one we can all embrace. Using surprising examples of geometry, he encourages everyone to seek out the patterns around us, for “a whole new way to see the world”. A public high school teacher for more than 10 years, Eddie Woo gained international attention when he posted videos of his classroom lessons online, to assist an ill student. His YouTube channel, WooTube, has more than 200,000 subscribers and over 13 million views.
Eddie believe that mathematics can be embraced and even enjoyed by absolutely everybody. He was named Australia’s Local Hero and was a Top 10 Finalist in the Global Teacher Prize for his love of teaching mathematics. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Yaniv Dadon says:

Wish i could vote you twice:)

midday says:

In some sense it's like high level philosophy. Pure math by definition doesn't concern itself with modelling a specific IRL problem (all mathematical objects are implicitly modelling some phenomenon), but instead seeks to understand and classify the domain of all abstract models. It's the primitive language of reality and to me that's fascinating.

Ravin Rajapaksa says:

Australians are underrated

Ethitlan says:

I love maths too!! Btw, can you be my teacher?

miss ghani says:

And we love you Mr Woo

Rumil Legaspi says:

dude im mindblown with those examples, nuts man, simply nuts

harter kern says:

Mathematics is counting things, that's it!

cesarigo 18 says:

So good teacher

Me Alexander says:

I like apples.

Kevin Corso says:

i feel like if i had him as a math teacher, i probably would not have hated it so much lol

stellar-nova says:

I'm so happy that my mathematics teacher is also such an amazing person <3
She really puts love into her work, wich you can find back in my grades list. Ehehehe.

余宗翰 says:

Extraordinary storytelling!

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