Flash Mob 2018 | Nirmala College of Health Science Chalakudy | Pharmacy Week Celebration

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Nirmala College of Health Science, Chalakudy,
Pharmacy week Celebration | Pharma Gwani | Flash mob 2018. Pharmacy students Kerala.

Nirmala College of Health Science (NCHS, Pharmacy College), is the latest Venture of Nirmala group, is approved by ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION, New Delhi, PHARMACY COUNCIL OF INDIA, New Delhi and affiliated to KERALA UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCE, Thrissur.Nirmala College of Health Science (NCHS) is the new feather in the cap of Nirmala Education Trust, which has vast experience and tradition in the field of professional education. Nirmala is recognized as a synonym to high quality education and widely appreciated for their committed and dedicated efforts in moulding each individual to become proficient in the selected discipline.

#Nirmala_College_of_Health_Science, Chalakudy,
#Pharmacy_week_Celebration | #Pharma_Gwani | #Flash_mob 2018. #Pharmacy_students_Kerala.


Bhavesh Dwivedi says:

Very nice guys
Love from Delhi

Sreeram Sasidharan says:


Edwin Joby says:

Flashmob was super but the camera and edits should be improved.


Video polichu kalakkiii

Vishnu raj says:

Kolam poliichuu

fazilkhan Faz says:

You guys have done a wonderful job and nice songs compilation but have to say that the camera man was utter failure


എഡിറ്റിംഗ് സിംഹമേ നമിച്ചു

Sajin Johnson says:

Video കുറച്ചുംകൂടി stablise ചെയ്യാമായിരുന്നു

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