$150 to $1800 In ONE HOUR Trading Amazon Stock Options – YOLO Weekly Options Trading

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Going over the trade we made live on stream last week, where I was able to turn $150 into $1800. We were able to do this by trading amazon stock options, specifically the weekly options. Included the live clip from the stream but it is very short, but as you see from the clip and I explain in the video this was a “YOLO” play. Meaning this is pretty much as bad as it gets and worse than gambling. Trading weekly options isn’t a viable trading strategy or investment strategy. There is no secret sauce and way to predict this, always be careful trading options with short expirations and understand them first. If you want to learn how to trade this, play around with a paper account till you get it. Nonetheless, I go over this play as well as the other play I made that day which was a 500% gain. Haven’t dropped one of these in a while so thought you would enjoy it, as a lot of people really wanted some insight into this after watching it live.

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DISCLAIMER: These videos are for educational purposes only. Nothing in this video should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment. Consult with a professional financial advisor before making any financial decisions. Investing in general and options trading especially is risky and has the potential for one to lose most or all of their initial investment


jason fun says:

You got lucky from the credit card announcement on super buying this xmas. Thats why Amazon went up 9%.

jason fun says:

Told you to hold that google put. I only backed off so i didn't get banned i was deep in puts all along.

Kirill Sokur says:

Great video! I saw a brilliant article about it on fbamonthly.com

Crypto Daws says:

18:00 so u get 14k margin ?

Car Lover says:

Love it……can you make a video on option pricing and knowing how the options prices are good?

Mohfit says:

Do you have a signals group? Not the free one that you say YouTube live is better than but a group where you send us your plays ?

Jack Perry says:

Hey brotha, great watching the livestream man, very insightful. I've been wanting to try a yolo this week and I see a weekly opportunity on a Facebook or Amazon put, which company do you think is more susceptible in a market functionation? Amazon puts are looking cheap but Facebook is more fragile atm. Trying to get out of my risk averse scared money mind set, totally understand if you don't wanna give out advice for free FYI

Mr. Pasghetti says:

Also went YOLO Dec.

08:30AM BUY AMZN 100 W 28 DEC 18 1465 C @ 8.00 +10

08:53AM SELL AMZN 100 W 28 DEC 18 1465 C @ 13.85 +10

Ended up making $ 5,800 on that trade alone. Could of made a better trade but I didn't get filled for a 6.60 +10 order I had placed, jumped up as I was going to confirm.

Edit: This was Paper Trading btw. Still learning. Lost another trade that day on NVDA for $ 200. This was the first day I actually traded after spending months trying to learn.

TheboiJR says:

Insane,in the brian.Nice! I will be at the level soon

Valentin Antonenko says:

Very few people would say that it's gambling.Thanks for your honesty with your subscribers

gtcstorm40 says:

IMO, it is insane to trade weekly options, you have to be perfect. Much better to go at least a month out. You won this one but could have easily lost that 150 in a heartbeat.

Isawent says:

21 dislikes already and only 1 comment, y is this channel drawing haters- Drown SUCKERS

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