The Best Logos Ever Designed Are Simple Not Interesting & Not Overworked

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Why Designers Should Strive To Make Designs Simpler vs. More “Interesting”. Make your logo simpler, more legible and timeless vs. trying to be clever. The best logos in the world are often the simplest: Nike, Apple, Google, B&O, Levi’s, FedEx, CBS, UPS, Warner, Girl Scouts, ABC, United Airlines, American Airlines, and IBM to name a few. They often use very common typefaces like Helvetica or Futura and refrain from over embellishment. Still don’t believe us? Look at some of the most expensive luxury brands and study their logo.

In his newest book, Blair Enns talks about the value of logo design isn’t based on hours worked, or even the perceived quality of the design. To illustrate the point, he states, the Nike logo was designed for $100 while the Pepsi logo was $1 million. Is the million dollar logo better than the $100 logo? Is it worth 100,000 times more?

Designers often mistake the effort or cleverness of a logo as the hallmark of value. It is not. Furthermore, Michael Bierut says too much is made of a logo. A logo is only a very small aspect of the brand. It’s not the whole story just the opening paragraph of a long story.

Jijibaba logo designed by Astrid Starvo, Atlas

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jonathan johnson says:

This logo costs $600 and up!

Hasta la Vista. says:

I really think that CITY STEEL logo is very cool. Tell that dude to stfu…Annoying as fvck.

emergerq says:

Most designers try too hard. Simplicity is beautiful. A fashion logo cannot be compared to a industrial type logo. Two very different worlds.

harsh chelani says:

Chris please discuss this point again. Make more 'myth busters' episodes.

Clint Jurgens says:

Your designers or interns (they really come across as that) are either ignorant, or playing that part of an ignorant client really well. But I've seen them before in previous vids and I really think your vids are better served without them. Either that, or they need to become better communicators and thinkers to add value to these vids.

Kevin Christian says:

When the young designer look the luxury brand they say "they're not boring" – 0:42 but actually is, i think its a bias because they know its a big brand and famous, when they see the city steel logo they say " i dont get it, its boring 0:32 " when that brand goes up i believe they will say its good logo. its bias
i love jijibaba logo its like community with the letter i .
i think the city steel logo is amazing, pretty simple, and people love everything simple i guess but the typeface need a little modification.
simplicity is good and memorable

Nelson Porras says:

Here’s a question you may be interested in answering on one of your next videos. I recently came across a project where a company wants to create a logo that will depict the company, but without using the name in any part of the logo. Of course you, like me, are probably thinking it will be a wordless mark of some king. Here’s the kicker. The logo needs to somehow read the company name without spelling it out. Hope this makes sense. This to me sounds like the challenge of all challenges in logo design, and I’ve been doing logo design for a long time.

Inaworldoflove says:

City steel looks too long in size.

Inaworldoflove says:

Is this a video of someone commenting on a video?

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