Redesigning your logo designs! YGR 16

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Hey design champions! Today I went through five designs that some design champions were awesome enough to submit, so we could talk about them on, “You Guys Rule!” The first was a logo design for a computer repair company. The colors fo r the logo were awesome! In my opinion there were a few too many lines to we removed a few and simplified the logo. The next was a super cool logo idea that I took in an abstract direction. I’m not sure if that redesign was helpful or not. The third logo was great as usual, but I felt it needed a little clarity in the text, so I made it all one font and tried to integrate it with the logo icon better..I hope you enjoy the rest of these logo redesigns. I’d love to hear what different directions you would have gone in? : )

Julius Creative Design Font – Montserrat

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Tornike Gvritishvili says:

Is he high?

Stupa says:

Brad Colbow
brought me here :3

Pranav says:

what does your intro mean

TOPython says:

what software does he use for this? Is it illustrator or…?

MyDoom 運命 says:

what program is this

OliveOil says:

Gabriel Cela would be able to make some awesome merch with that logo and color scheme.

Jojo siwas Hair line says:

There’s this crackhead that frequents my neighborhood and I named him douggie and this guy looks exactly like him… coincidence I think not

Michael Cornett says:

Remarkable! Refreshing! Revealing!…and probably a few more "R" words that I can't think of. Good job.

Skjerve says:

What program does he use?

oogami itto says:

I’d love to see the tools selected as you go

Ana Beatriz says:

BR here! Kkj

bara siddiq says:

6:20 why not thinning the box ? and reduce font size a lil bit

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