Most Dramatic Moments of 2018

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Take a look back at a few of the moments that shocked and surprised us the most in 2018.

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pun1sher77 says:

Valtteri is pussy. No win for him…

TheLibermania says:

Will we see Valtteri in 2020?

Kyle W says:

We have beaten everything that 2018 has out. I think it's time for some throw back races. Maybe we could get the 2012 season.

DjokerNole Cristi says:

We're definitely spoiled with these videos. Thank you, F1 ! Thanks Liberty Media. May 2019 brings us even more drama, action, comedy. Everything . We are here !

ejune98 says:

Cant wait to see Max destroying sb else's whole season again

NiK0yAy says:

3:15 f1 keeping up with the meme here

Stefano says:

inside me something says "never ever do what Valtteri agreed to even if this would cost you a million contract"

Sayak Biswas says:

Happy New Year to all F1 fans, hope you have an amazing year ahead!!!

Daniel Radetic says:

So Leclerc turning an oversteer mistake into a 360 without even stopping to get his headings back after is barely noticeable…

I think the American taste for crashes is already too pronounced in F1 official channel =/

TheGreatLoco says:

Crashstappen ruined two Vettel's races.

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