10 Incredible Robots That Actually Exist

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Here are 10 of the most dynamic and intelligent robots ever built.

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10 Incredible Robots That Actually Exist


Fig says:

2020 Headline: Sofia running for presidency of Saudi Arabia. Her stance: Citizenship for all her robot friends and declare Dubai as Robot Central. If you come to Dubai, make sure to bring Bitcoins. Other forms of currency will no longer be accepted.

Onofe Eromosele says:

where is NAO?

Rimgaile Kasnauskaite says:

I dont know those robots like sophia should be destroyed they are creepy and scary these people act like they have never seen terminator movies

Mixey says:

Just wait till China counterfeits these to make prices plumet

モフ犬。 says:


mweezy says:

Why Honda stopped the production of Asima?

Mika Halonen says:

13:47 With that money you could been feed all suffered by hunger. I hate science.

Moli Toilolo says:

It’s kinda sad how they just push atlas

孙安琪 says:

combined the head that can read emotions with the hands can cook and with the legs can parkour,you got a perfect human

孙安琪 says:

jiajia looks like some chinese actress who had too many plastic surgeries

袁远 says:

Chef exists. But the Chef robot in the real world is not as powerful as it is shown in the advertising video.

Sebastian Marchionni says:

9 robots and 1 CGI

harnas723 says:

Science fiction is no more fiction…

jeremy davis says:

If I saw that robotic bat, I would have immediately shit my pants.

GODrules555 says:

7:36 Take notice that you want to say, "Stop bulling it!" EYE 5

Camaronsmith Carlos says:

She looks 48 yrs old lol

Solar Zoro says:

Why the China made doll rank 2nd? It is similar to the 10th one. Boston Dynamics must be the first or second rankings.

Kaellum Eridani says:

This is out of date. #3767 interesting non the less.

Tyler Bergstrom says:

Not gonna lie I thought that first robot was a real person with a fucked up face

Rocky MCMXXLIII says:

We are lucky to see this development in our lifetimes. It is a bit like the beginning of the 20th century when life changing technology such as radios, phones, planes, helicopters and cars were still being fully developed. Now at the beginning of the 21st century we are seeing the develpment of robots, artificial intelligence, smart cars and drone technology, as well as smartglasses.

Liam Burr-Knight says:

i wonder what would happen if we gave the first robot a button and said that it was for launching the nukes. obviously I'm not saying we should give her the real launch codes or anything, but it would be interesting to see what it would do.

mars base says:

how can you talk about Atlas and not mention that it can do backflips!? that's the most impressive thing!

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