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Weight Loss Surgery — America’s curiosity about it has expanded with our waistlines. However, even with obesity at epidemic proportions, it’s a drastic decision that patients and their doctors have to weigh very carefully. Here’s Dennis Douda for Mayo Clinic’s Medical Edge.


al says:

depois vai viver com gases pois nao passou pela digestao do estomago dr

Dreadnought 1 says:

thanks very informative

shoaib rufi says:


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H Behlim says:

Just workout and eat healthy you wont need to get surgies

Sumbal Sohail says:

Mayo clinic is a well known clinic I am from pakistan and I want to go there for my sons heart surgery which is not possible in pakistan we hv already done two surgeries here he need third surgery but our bad luck they r not giving us vissa.I am really upset just praying for a marical

Anupama Pandey says:

It's dangress treatment don't go

Joshua Cisneros says:

Weigh carefully? Poor choice of words.

Joshua Cisneros says:

Weigh carefully? Poor choice of words.

Fahima Hammaci says:

please help me wich one is the best im lost i want to do gastric band but im still thinking

Carie G. Snow says:

You're able to lo­se 1­0 pou­nds natu­rally in 2 we­eks, wi­th­out figh­ting against fo­od craving

Abigail Harper says:

It is possible to reduce weight without risk and avoid weight gain back if you have the proper eating plan, without any pills, tough workouts…

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