Doctors TV Weight Loss, Sleeve Gastrectomy by Dr. Feiz – Part 3

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The Doctors TV show presents Dr. Michael Feiz performing Sleeve Gastrectomy on a family.
For more information you can call: 1-800-868-5946


Ialeen Collins says:

but te rate of acid refux is increased of stomach sleeve

Anna Kuman says:

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Consider keto (diet) or Carnivore (diet) lifestyle before you rush to surgery. Educate yourself. The heartburn or acid reflex (you might end up doing bypass to fix this), the hiccups, the gas, the contisipation or the diarreha, …. go on youtube and hear some of the regrets. If I knew about keto or carnivore lifestyle, I would have tried it before going under the knife. Pleaseeeeee do a search. Thanks

The End says:

Can you explain why people say the hgh is made in the brain when i thought hgh was from the stomage fundus. And comes from the hormone ghrelin ..people with a gastric sleeve get the fundus removed when 85% of the stomage is removed. Does this mean that the hgh isnt effected by taking out the fundus what effects the ghrelin?im considering this weightloss surgery but i dont wanna age faster

Lady Loops says:

I’m a female , and I want it as preventive measures , why wait till I’m obese or morbidly obese ? I would like to lose maybe a couple (literally ) of pant sizes and I feel it’s my right to do so, my money .

Chris Thomson says:

people here need to realise this is only suitable for extremely obese patients not like 200lbs

Chris Thomson says:

I wonder how big them women actually where. as they don't look like they where massive before

arif ali says:

Why not eat the right food instead of junk? This way no one needs a surgery.

Sahar Barwaree says:

Hi Dr.
Can you give us the price for the surgery in US . How much cust at least?

Toneka Halo Bovell says:

I love u doctor in the white

Toneka Halo Bovell says:

One cute doctor. Omg

Douglas Richardson says:

Whats the name of that hormone that is associated with telling the brain your hungry

Nutto Destination Beauty says:

If you looking for cheap gastric sleeve i might recommend this one

The Stacy Foster Show says:

No offense Doctor, but I had the sleeve and now I have Alopecia Universalis because I cant absorb iron!

Margaret Brophy says:

Satiated= not *hungry

Martina says:

if im 205 pounds n 5'5 will i be qualify

Reel Fun Fishing says:

I couldn’t tell the mother from the daughters. They all looked great.

Bre Sollers says:

I did this and i am trying to find out how to loss a little weight again i need help

سند اليامي says:

I hope of known as this doctor wonderful that brings me to No. his phone profile I of the state of Kuwait and I want that I work for this process has because it is good at

KhiryJaamil Rock says:

All three of them women looked “Stiff & Stuffy” LoL the two on the ends looked like they were scarf to come out

Ashley Campos says:

He is very handsome

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