Physical and mental health effects of esports

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Esports athletes face a slew of physical and mental health issues that, left unchecked, could lead to life-long chronic conditions. Dr. Melanie Austin, an occupational therapist at NYIT’s Center for Esports Medicine, joined CBSN’s coverage of the CBSN Originals doc “Esports: The Price of the Grind” to discuss the risks and benefits to becoming a professional gamer.

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- says:

People are staving to death in Ethiopia

Andrej Tag says:

There is a third dimension?

bloodlessslim says:

So being a pilot is basically the same thing

Mary Greenfield says:

E-sports athletes? Playing video games is athletic? Then couch potatoes are athletes.

Chrollo Lucilfer says:

lol this news channel priority is to watch their news whole day even it is bad in health too

Edgy.Crevvy says:

Omg. You guys are like “gaming is bad”, “oh gaming is not good for you”. Well we make more money than you so don’t mind about us. We don’t look all washed out like you guys. And I’m not being racist because I’m black too. We gamers are well known. We gamers are mature. We gamers have knowledge and doesn’t need to look at the tv to see what to say during the news. We gamers are humans btw.

Trevor Smith says:

Aww. Nerds no like facts… lmao get out of your moms basement!

Lumos says:

These "symptoms" are normal for other jobs, too. It depends how you live your life after work.

Lumos says:

If you talk trash about eSports, why don't you talk trash on football then? It also has dangerous consequences. People should really look a little more deep into things when talking about them…

Jonathan Jimenez says:

This is a waste of resources.

Defy Convention says:

Physical and mental effects of being a bored housewife and watching The View.

Bob Burger says:

Some more muzzies jut killed 5 took bus more dead RT news reporting more important for America s mental health report that

merc731 says:

yea im a gamer but i also used to play football full knowing i could be tackled and break my neck

Aura Djinn says:

all of those downsides have chance to happen to almost anyone for the majority of any job. I feel CBS can better spend there time on more pressing issues that have these negative effects more frequently and effecting more people

1982 says:

lel. age does not matter in gaming. git gud.

AniMoSoul says:

Are we white-splaining why that kid shot up that Madden Tournament in Jacksonville a few months back. Okay, does esports explain Dillon Roof, Nikolas Cruz, the Vegas Shooter or the other white male mass killers. Better yet, explain why no other competitive gamers have shot up a venue previously or recently.

Bionic Paul says:

Sleeping is for pussys play play play all day!

Fred Rios says:

Are you freaking kidding me. This is what the worlds become

phlezk says:

E-Sports. Learn to spell correctly if you consider yourselves journalists.

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