Lyme Disease | Chris’s Story

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Chris Harris was infected with Lyme Disease from a deer tick bite. He chose the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center for treatment. Chris shares his story of treatment and living with Lyme Disease. For more information please visit:


gina2190 says:

many of us have lyme disease , the test is a Joke ! only shows up if its caught early, my whole family are showing signs, my hubby is so sick , bed bound heart attacks at 37 im scared. Only rich people can afford private tests and treatment while the poorer just get no help at all, even lied to much of time by uk doctors at least. Im so glad this man is getting well but we all need help , no lies and better tests ! is lyme and co infections biological warfare ? do we all have spirochetes in our blood ?? only a matter of time before we get sick , watch – lyme crime ! excellent short documentary.

lipanj7 says:

This sounds like an ad for John Hopkins.

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