Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline

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Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline


Al Abernathy says:

It takes a total of 3 months 90 days total.

Tammy S says:

8 months after I quit smoking, I had intense cravings for days. The cravings came from nowhere

Wills Pram says:

Thanks for the message in the beginning annoying robot voice. I got to remind myself that it's worth pushing through the temporary discomfort. Day 4 quit.

Frank Perez says:

Get a narrator dumb ass

Suman Parajuli says:

Today is my 8th day of quit Smoking and nicotine products …
This withdrawl sucks but Im still holding on thinking about my healthy future 🙂
May god help all those who try to quit smoking /….. and may god help me //…

Joeking Nyari says:

Do not use nicotene gums or patches they will make you feel wourse you must stay away the more time will pass by the better you will get.

Tcbranger says:

I like staring at the same image

Dive Dodge says:

Anyone else get pain in your lower jaw? Lethargic? Zonked out like you have a bad cold?

Janet Harvey says:

There is an audiobook on YouTube by Allen Carr, just look up stop smoking by Allen Carr. It is great, I listened to it and haven't smoked since and it's been quite a while now.

BΔᴆ MєᴆÎÇÎNє says:

Great, an AI with a lisp.

Sir Dickus Maximus says:

Nicotine isn't so bad its the actual smoke filling our lungs.

Nicotine is what makes it addictive though

Adriana Bonita says:

NICOTINE IS BAD FOR US ! STOP DENIAL ! WE DONT NEED YOUR STUPID UNEDUCATED OPINION. Bunch of weak souls ! Like nicotine ? Then smoke eat or drink it and live us alone ! Some people do want to stop .

Back When Army Of Two First Came Out says:

So many charts have this bullshit "3 day timeline" like after 3 days everything will be hunky dory.
7 days after using chewing tobacco and my head feels like King Kong is squeezing it to get the juices out.

DatGanjaSmuggla says:

The sleep is the worst man

Vladan Babic says:

nice info but video is bad please do a bit better "voiceover" and nicer pic

convair9 says:

Folks sorry to tell you that withdrawal does not end in few weeks. I am on 9 months and I understand now how 90 percent of people that went as long as I did still fail. It is still worth stopping maybe find a group that does not sell anything made of real nicotine addicts trying to quit .

butt02plug says:

I quit smoking for three days, lit one up and took two drags and put it out. I was about to throw up. That’s when I knew i was done with cigs. See ya!!

Man with The plan says:

I actually enjoyed the symptoms that numby feelings.. Well it's been 4 months clean now from. Cigarettes. And I've saved a lot of money.

Lewis Atkins says:

Prefer to become a teetotler but not aware about the steps to begin with? Go to Google and type: "Tips4Sober" you'll learn to emerge from drug habits.

10101101 1010111011 says:

Robot voice makes me want cig-a-rette.

Benjamin Wilson says:

Nicotine isn't bad for you, its all the other shit in cigs that kills you. The only bad thing about nicotine is that it is addictive, but it has not been linked to any major health problems itself.

Malka says:

Anyone else see those pictures of cigarettes and suddenly really REALLY want one?

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