Detention of Canadians in China is retaliation for Huawei arrest, Scheer says | Power & Politics

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Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were detained in China as retaliation for the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, according to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.
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TriniCrew says:

China needs to be isolated, Canada and other countries need to stop doing business with these criminals.

Gerry Boric says:

Trudeau is a coward afraid to talk to Xi

Corrine Tsang says:

Both Michael Kovrig and Michael Sparor were arrested for spying.Their companies are not register in China.If convicted ,they could be sentence for life in prison.

Trudeauphobic Mooseater says:

Not quite the cozy soft-ball dinner meeting the interviewer had with Bernier…of coarse CBC's bloated budget and possible survival could hing on splitting the vote this coming fall.

Michael Gfroerer says:

Canada has been trying to appease China since 1989 when the Chinese government slaughtered 3,000 unarmed protesters in Tiananmen Square. Don't forget about the genocide against and the invasion of Tibet, resulting in the deaths of 1.2 MILLION Tibetans. And how about the Chinese genocide of the Uighars? China is a totalitarian dictatorship, and Huawei is one of their selling points.

garen demacia says:

Scheer please explains snowden first , that's real spy story.we didn't forget Harper,no any consrevative.

Kim Kwan says:

Rule of law in Canada under their US boss .       CBC News what a joke.

Robert Alan says:

Free Ms. Meng. Where are all the feminists when an innocent executive women is arrested based on USA tech insecurity. Does arresting her make any difference in a global economy?

IlIllIIl lllIlllIlI says:

Remember NSA spys on German chancellor Merkel even when they were close allies to America. America cannot be trusted.

Nightcor EDM says:

Next time just have 10 security for important people

Robert Alan says:

We made China great again. Our factories are closing and Walmart is packed with cheap Chinese made goods. You reap what you sow. Trains roll south to Toronto everyday loaded with China shipping containers. We, the West, made the dragon a superpower and now we try to poke it down.

Michael Zimmermann says:

Lmao. Wow. Isn’t he the sharp pencil.

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