Blind Teen Journalist Asks Putin For Permission To Touch Him: You Are Very Handsome!

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Following his annual news conference, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to visually impaired Regina Parpiyeva, 17, whose dream is to become a journalist.
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Nas N says:

Ppl u see how this president is the best who's agree with me??

Pana Sonic says:

They need to work on the music. Not quite there yet. Everything else was good

jozef karaconji says:

This is very emotionally and a young lady is so positive,smart,brave,and also she is so lucky because Mr. President Putin's words don't vanish into the air,His words becomes a true.

Jonny hyyd says:

Putin ❤️

scuzzlebutt 1 says:

what a guy good on him

Rios Ricardo says:

American People wishes to have a President like Him………..Believe me..

Chez Comak says:

Adamin dibisinn

sumthin5 says:

I did not ask for these feels :((

Statystyczny Polak says:

One week later she was deported to Siberia along with her whole family.

Greasy nPoor says:

I wish he would run for president of the world. I would vote and campaign for him.

Vincent deVecchis says:

Amazing.. I think it's disgusting how American and Australian media portray him him as some mosnter

Hoplophobie says:

He should be the president of the world.

paulo guimarães says:

Long live to President Putin.

SA FI says:

I love Putin! Respect from Afghanistan

Denis says:

Its important to understand: "русские" mean not Russian citizens. Русские are people with русская soul. Русские live from Brest to Pacific Ocean and from Cape Cheluyskin to Black Sea. But "россияне" mean russian citizens.
Only 3 langs distinguish concepts "русские" and "россияне". try to guess what are these 3 languages

Neo Cortex says:

I'm Polish. But I'm PROUD of that man. President of Russian Federation. Honor, respect…forever.

Kamikazi Kamikazi says:

This man has the best charismatic personality in the whole world. And the only good president who wants peace. God bless him

James Graham says:

That's a real man

Gogila Vaani says:

Putin is true Christian..From Malaysia..

sivanenthiran indiran says:

Putin is a real hero..we all need a leader like him.god bless for him.

Ramesh Shrestha says:

Putin is not some ordinary president.

Viator Nadeak says:

Tuhan besertamu Putin

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