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When you look in mirror, and see what you think is a perfect reflection. You might be looking at universe whose laws are fundamentally different.

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Hosted by Matt O’Dowd
Written by Graeme Gossel & Matt O’Dowd
Graphics by Luke Maroldi
Assistant Editing and Sound Design by Mike Petrow

Made by Kornhaber Brown (www.kornhaberbrown.com)

When we think about symmetry, the first thing that comes to mind is mirror symmetry. Butterflies, Rorschach tests, and classically attractive faces all look the same when flipped left-to-right. In physics, a symmetry is when the laws of physics are unchanged due to some transformation of coordinates. We’ve seen examples where it is – the universe is symmetric to coordinate shifts in space, time, and even the rather abstract phase of the wave function. So it might be surprising to learn that with all the weird ways in which the universe IS symmetric, it’s NOT entirely symmetric under this most intuitive one. The laws of physics work differently in the universe of the mirror.

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Stram Amindale says:

When someone can hand me a piece of the fabric of space and time or pull a rabbit out of my hat (big bang, everything from nothing), then and only then will i believe science again.

Stram Amindale says:

Welcome to the religion of acience, the answers dont make any damn sense (you are ignorant of its tenants) but you are suppose to accept it with blind faith and not question. Science has become a religion that requires more ignorant blind faith than i can muster anymore. A mirror universe??? Show me. Everything in creation came from a zero sum?? Show me. Pull a rabbit out of my hat. The universe is endless?? Show me without cgi or an artists rendering based on numbers. The earth is a globe??? Show me the curve without, again, cgi or manipulated image. Do you see what science has been doing? Believe in the equation and not your own senses. Quantum physics?! Its more like flights of fantasy. And im not the only one waking up to this.

Qingyang Zhang says:

Hi Matt, recently a research group in Oxford university published a paper claiming that they found a solution to dark matter by allowing negative mass or something. Can you please do an episode on that? Articles are so hard to understand for a high-schooler like me. I much prefer visual learning. Thank you for being amazing and making amazing content. Please keep going!

Saurabh Jamgade says:

imagine our universe is a train a 3d (space) moving in circular direction and their is a mirror in the middle and our train can pass to the other side of mirror dimension (other side or mirroe) where every law act on mirror universe is follows law of mirror .. (where reversing time is no issue ) and black holes are the small hole in the mirror which dividing it and a pass way to enter into mirror universe and if we build something which will turn on into follow the rules in mirror universe we can dance through both universes.

Khang Chau says:

this video is chiral

Jerry Lineberry says:

Doesn't anyone else have a problem with the opening sentence? "When you look in a mirror you might think you see a perfect reflection but you are actually looking at a universe whose laws are fundamentally different."

Maybe a cat might think this, but you are not "actually" looking at another universe! There is no matter on the other side, there is no space or time. I kept waiting for the clarification sentence that he meant "imagine your looking at another universe" for the concept of symmetry but no, it is a declarative sentence that gives mirrors magical properties.

Cheyenne Johnson says:

Proper lost me you did sir

Jeffrey Geoff Jefferson says:

This video is ridiculously complex. I can usually comprehend your videos to a certain degree, having studied physics, mathematics and chemistry at A-Level and now being an electrical engineering bachelors student. But this, this video… not a fucking clue what you just said

Gera kORE says:

hey, can you do a comprehensive video on forces and how they apply to the real world please. my main question is this. as the universe cooled down the forces split. can we expect the same in the future as the universe cools down further?

Ola Ole says:

Cant you please debunk the 'Liquid Metal Sun' theory?

Fir Coat says:

OMFG WTF ROCL (floor=ceiling)

appiavi says:

how is a particle right handed or left handed?

Answer is 42 says:

Have you ever tried juggling while watching a screen of a live feed of yourself???

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